We regularly share blog post ideas for different industries, sectors and businesses; this time we have come up with ten blog post topic ideas for Business Growth Coaches. If you know someone that helps other businesses with business growth or a business growth coach then feel free to share these great blog topic ideas with them;

1.Use Blogs To Grow Your Business

In this blog post talk about the benefits of blog posts for SEO and how they can help you grow your business; for example blogs including local areas to help with local SEO, blogs that establish you as an expert in the industry and shareable engaging blog posts that can be shared all over social media by you and your contacts.

2.Grow Your Business With A New Office

Explain how you can make your business look bigger from the outside if you have two locations; talk about the fact that even if it is just one person or a small team you can get a virtual office address and a telephone number that comes through to your existing office and just use that address for meetings.

3.Could Franchising Be The Solution To Growing Your Business?

Discuss the benefits of franchising a business, how it may work and your responsibilities to the franchises. Give examples of other successful small businesses that became franchises and also examples of larger companies people may not realise are franchises.

4.Form Alliances To See Your Business Grow

Talk about the benefits of having another company in your team or on your side; for example if you sell wedding dresses why not form alliances with a wedding planner, a caterer or a local popular wedding venue so when the happy couple meet people before you in the wedding chain they are recommended to you? Give other examples of alliances that will help a business grow.

5.Grow Your Business With Funding

Research all the funding available to help businesses in the UK and list all the funding and grants available, what you have to do to qualify for the funding or grants and where you can get the funding and grants from. You could then do a follow on blog post with tips for applying for funding and grants.

6.Grow Your Business Through Knowing What You Don’t Know

Explain that a business owner is very aware of what they know and the things they do know, they know inside out – before stressing the importance of knowing what they don’t know and how this can be outsourced to help with the continuous growth of the business.

7.Have A Target For Growing Your Business

Talk about the fact it is great saying ‘I want to grow my business’ but you have to stop and think about what this actually means. Set a target for business growth and decide in what ways you want to grow your business, what this means to the business and how you will see if you have reached your business growth target.

8.Can You Grow Your Business?

In this blog post you will explain the issues involved when a business grows too quickly; perhaps make this a checklist of things a business needs to have in place or consider before they can look at growing – maybe add stats of failing businesses that have grown too quickly.

9.Grow Your Business With Freebies

Talk about when you are starting out in business it is hard for people to see or know the quality of your product / service without trusting you and handing over their hard earned cash, so why not give away freebies? If you can give away a freebie in exchange for an email address then you have contact details and can create a sales funnel of emails and contact that will encourage the visitor to buy from you.

10.Launch A Lead Generation Campaign & Grow Your Business

Discuss different lead generation campaigns, how they work and how much they can cost. A lead generation campaign can be via seminars, social media, paid advertising and such like; talk about the benefits and costs of each.

Bonus Blog: Use Guest Posting To Grow Your Business

Explain how guest posting works and how it will raise brand awareness to your target audiences when used in the right places, gives you a back link to your website, shows you as an industry expert and other benefits. Talk about how and where to find guest post opportunities too.