Here at Creative Content Company we pride ourselves on our blog post ideas; we have a level of imagination and creativity that we feel enables us to come up with blog topic ideas for a wide range of industries, sectors and jobs.

A few times a month we take some time aside to come up with new blog post topics for a different profession to help that business whet their appetite and get the creative juices flowing for new blog post topic ideas; this month we have come up with 10 blog post ideas for a business coach working with entrepreneurs;

1.Use A Business Coach To Redefine Your Goals & Grow Your Business

In this blog post explain the importance of having goals in place to grow your business, but add to this the fact that goals sometimes change and by having a business coach you can redefine these goals and really create a goal to work towards which will in turn help you grow your business.

2.Grow Your Business By Being Accountable To A Business Coach

Talk about the fact many new and start-up business entrepreneurs struggle when they start their own business as they have nobody to be accountable to, then list the benefits of being accountable to someone and the fact this means you will do the things you need to do to grow your business – then add that your business coach is the person that can hold you accountable for those tasks you need to do to grow your business.

3.Grow You & Your Business With A Business Coach

Explain how a business coach doesn’t just care about the bottom line but they care about you as a person and your business going on to explain that a business coach for an entrepreneur is a great thing as it will help to not only grow your business but also you, maybe including that ‘you’ are the best asset the business has.

4.Grow Your Business By Knowing Your Mistakes

Discuss how a business coach looks at your business from the outside and has vast amounts of experience in business or your industry and therefore can help you see the mistakes you are making that may be slowing down the growth if your business, but your business coach can also help you find ways to repair and resolve these mistakes and move forward.

5.How Can A Business Coach Help Grow My Business?

This is a bullet point / numbered list of the different ways in which a business coach can help grow a business. Include things such as business knowledge, industry knowledge, accountable, redefining goals, fix errors, look from the outside, etc.

6.Step Out Your Comfort Zone With A Business Coach

Explain that to grow your business you need to step out of your comfort zone, but this is a very scary thing to do – therefore why not work with a business coach to help you step out of your comfort zone and therefore grow your business. Talk about the support that a business coach can offer when helping entrepreneurs step out of their comfort zone.

7.Use A Business Coach To Increase Your Productivity

Talk about the fact that there are lots of things to do when you are a business owner, and there are also lots of pretty shiny things that are there to distract business owners before going on to explain that a business coach can help you list task importance and therefore you will increase your productivity and this will help you grow your business as you are doing the right things, which are not always the shiny things.

8.View Your Business With New Eyes & A Business Coach

Discuss the fact that as an entrepreneur starting a new business it seems there are always lots of things to do, but it is also important you take a step back from your business so you can see what it working well and where there are opportunities for growth. Explain how a business coach can not only give an entrepreneur that time to stop and look at the business, but also give you new eyes to view your business.

9.Gain Real Business Feedback From A Business Coach

In this blog post talk about the fact that as a new business you have a few people to turn to for advice and guidance and the friends and family you turn to will always be supportive and say you are having wonderful ideas; but is this always a good thing? A business coach will give you real, experienced and honest business advice will allow you to grow your business.

10.What Do I Do To Grow My Business?

Through this blog post you will explain that sometimes a business owner or entrepreneur will be desperate to grow their business but will not be sure how to so they can brainstorm with a business coach to come up with real, tangible ideas to grow the business and also set a plan into place for trying out these business growth ideas.