In this article we thought we would share some blog post ideas for Buy To Let companies and those encouraging others into Property Investment. We have come up with 10 blog post topics that can be used for free so please feel free to share with a company you know that could use these ideas;

Why Choose Us?

This is a chance to promote your business and everything that you do great; share how you are better than the competition and why, but do it in a friendly and engaging way so it isn’t too pushy or sales-focused. Try and make it personal and engaging so you come across as approachable and friendly.

Cheap Home Improvements To Raise Your Selling Price

In this blog post you can talk about quick and cheap fixed people can make to their homes to increase the value of the property; things like painting any chips on the wall, buff up the bathroom so it looks shiny and new, if the carpet is looking old or dull then get a professional carpet cleaner in and similar ideas to improve the value of a home.

First Impressions Count

Talk about different ways to make some great first impressions such as fresh flowers on the table, coffee brewing, cakes baking and even invitations on the mantelpiece so the viewer can see you have a social life and this is something they will want to slip into. Maybe look at somewhere else to keep your pets while viewings take place.

Property Investment Improvements

Talk about the growth in popularity of buy to let properties by looking at stats in the media for your local area. Talk about the fact that money can be made and that property investment can be a great thing to do with your money; etc.

Which Home Improvements Offer The Biggest ROI?

Discuss larger home improvement projects such as new kitchens, new windows, conservatories, loft conversions and similar; talk about how much they cost and how much value this home improvement will add to your property when it goes on the market.

How Long Does It Take To Sell A House?

 Look at the research and your own experience to explain to readers how long it may take to buy and sell a home, taking the reader through the process and what to expect at each stage so they are able to be informed about their decision and feel you are that ‘helpful friend’.

The Crystal Ball Of Buy To Let

In this article look at the media and major players to see what they expect from the buy to let markets in the future. Use information and stats from different people, readers and companies to show your reader that you know what is going on in your sector and industry and can help your client make an informed decision.

The Benefits Of Investing In Property

List the benefits available to people that chose to invest their money in property; for example high rental returns, low interest rates and such like. This could be a bullet point list of benefits of you could choose a few and write a paragraph about each?

Reasons To Invest In HMOs

Explain what a HMO is and the benefits of investing in a HMO such as always rent coming in even if the property is not full, favourable returns and a growth in interest from renters looking for HMO properties.

Top Tips For First Time Property Investors

This is your chance to be that ‘helpful friend’ who the reader can turn to for advice, help and support. List the tips and mix up the obvious and basic tips along with tips that the reader may not have ever considered; therefore showing you know your stuff. Do not use jargon to baffle the reader; instead keep it clear and simple.