Some people can blog for their website everyday with ease, it’s something that comes naturally to them and they are in a routine of writing a new blog post every day. This works great if you have something to talk about, or there is lots going on in your business or industry – otherwise, you’ll struggle.

The worst thing you can do is blog for bloggings sake – regular blog posts will help the SEO of your website, but only if they are good blog posts If the blog post is boring, off topic or completely unrelated to your business and industry it could do more harm than good.

One weekly blog post won’t help you if you claim to be at the cutting edge of the latest news and updates, but if you’re not in a fast-moving niche and you haven’t got something to say then there really is no need for blogging every day.

In theory the more pages you have on your website the more opportunities someone looking for your service on a search engine has to find you, but in reality it is not quite as simple as that. In fact one high quality blog post could bring in up to 10 times more traffic to your site (and good quality potential customers) than five blog posts that are average.

Here at Creative Content Company we publish a blog post every other day, at least. Sometimes this will be more frequent with upcoming events or latest news, but it will rarely be less than one new blog post every other day and we find this works for us. We are in a routine for blog writing and we have lots to talk about.

We have put together three top tips that should help if you would like to get into blogging every day;

  1. Keep your blog posts shot and to the point, this way you can touch on different subjects on different days, but internally link them to help the reader find out more and to help your SEO ranking too.
  2. Try and plan your blog posts ahead, think about the topics and titles you want to work on and this will help ensure you don’t write substandard blog posts as you are in a rush to get ‘something’ out.
  3. Mix in different types of posts by trying out image heavy blog posts, infographics and video posts to see what works better for you and the visitors to your website.

If you need help keeping your website and blogs up to date then give us a call, we would be only too happy to help!