In this blog post we would like to share some blogging tips for small businesses. Maybe as a small business you have been told that you need to blog, but you’re not sure how to go about it? Then this blog of blogging tips for small businesses should help you.

Generally speaking, a blog post should be at least 300 words in length. This means it is long enough for Google to index and share with your audience on the search engines.

Your blog post needs to include your keywords. These are the words you want your target audience to find you for. For example, here at Creative Content Company we want to be found for bloggers in Peterborough and blogging. So, these will be some of the keywords we use in our blog posts.

It’s important that you blog regularly too. We upload a new blog post every other day, but that’s because blogging and social media is what we do best. Ideally you should upload a new blog post every week. As a very minimum you need to upload a blog post once a month. If you can’t then you need to outsource your blogging, or not blog at all.

We would recommend that when you write your blog post you write it as if you are actually speaking to someone. This makes the blog post informal, chatty and engaging. We feel that is exactly what a blog post should be like.

Whatever you do, do not use your blog post as a sales pitch. Blogs are to inform and engage with your audience. They are not a space to sell at your audience as this will turn them off from engaging with you. Use your blog posts to talk with your audience, build trust and start a relationship. The selling will come later.

Make sure your title is relevant to your business but also relevant to your blog post. There is no point using a click-bait title that grabs attention if it isn’t what your blog post is about. For example, this blog post promises blogging tips for small businesses and that’s exactly what we have shared. Blogging tips to help small businesses.

If you’d like to learn more about how to blog, why not book a blogging workshop with us? Alternatively, if you’re looking to outsource to a blogger in Peterborough, give us a call or check out our blogging page or online marketing packages.