If you are looking for long term results from your marketing, then you need to consider blogging. Blogging gets long term results for small, medium and large businesses all over the world. However, it’s got to be good blogs that interest your audience and engage with them. That is how blogging will get long term results for your business.

The best blog posts are there are ones that answer questions. Think about the questions your readers might have. Look at the questions that your customers ask you. Check your Google Analytics to see what questions are asked by your target audience. Use these questions as blog posts for your business and on your website.

When you are constantly and consistently creating valuable content for your target audience, you will get success. Overtime you will establish yourself as an industry leader. Your audience will see you as an authority in their eyes. They will trust you and your business, based on high quality blog posts.

Think about how long you spend answering the same questions? How much more work could you get done if you could send a link to a customer that emails you with a question? Just think how many more sales you could get by sending the link and saving time.

While ‘establishing authority’ is great for the ego, it has other benefits too. Google think that a business with established authority is pretty powerful.

Your customers know you so they are happy and comfortable asking you questions and knowing they can trust your answers. What about those customers that haven’t met you yet? They might be nervous about asking you a question. Instead, they Google their question. Within the search results they see your blog. Without them even realising they join your sales funnel.

You’ll also have prospects that have come across your blogs before. They’ll enter your sales funnel on that ‘one blog post’ that they read at the ‘right time’. They’ve seen your blogs before, so they know that they can trust you. You’ve shared useful content and they found it helpful. So, now is the time for them to buy from you. You’ve already built up the trust with them, so the hard work is done, without any real hard work involved.

Unlike paid ads on Google or social media that stop as soon as your money runs out, blogging gets long term results. The blogs go on your website and can be seen for months and years to come. Even if you stop blogging, that blog post can still be seen.

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