We love sharing fun facts with our audience. It’s always stuff that we find really interesting and we think you, our reader, will find it interesting too. On top of that we think you’ll find it useful in your own business. Like this blog for example. It’s got some blogging facts that you might know. But by knowing them, it can help you grow your business online.

So, these are the blogging facts you might not know;

  • Did you know that on Mondays blog posts get the highest amount of traffic? To be more specific, Monday mornings! However, it is worth noting that on Thursdays blog post receive the most social shares. This is why it is important to post new blogs on a regular basis to get the most traffic and social shares.
  • Did you know that blog posts are considered to be the 5th top most trusted source for accurate information? This is another reason why blog posts are such a great way of portraying yourself as an industry expert.
  • Did you know that 80% of visits to a blog post daily are actually brand-new visitors to your business website? Looking to reach a new audience? Looks like blogging could be a great way to do that for your business.
  • Did you know that websites with relevant and interesting blog posts have 434% more indexed pages than website with no blogs or irrelevant blog posts? The more indexed pages you have on your website, the easier it will be for your target audience to find you on search engines like Google.
  • Did you know that companies that blog on a regular basis get 97% more links to their website? These could be links from happy clients, the industry, suppliers, similar businesses and more. Imagine if you got 97% more links to your website. Not only would this boost your traffic to the website, it will improve your SEO ranking too.

Thank you Thump Creative for sharing this research. We hope you, our readers, found the blogging facts as interesting as we did. Were there any blogging facts you didn’t know?