You wouldn’t get a load of flyers or leaflets designed and printed so they can sit in a box in your garage. Yet, when you write a blog post and hit upload, then leave it – this is exactly what you are doing.

We can’t stress enough how blogging does not stop when you hit upload.

When you get your leaflets delivered to you, you start posting them through letterboxes. You give them to your target audience, to potential customers and to fellow networkers at networking events.

You need to think of your blog posts in the same way. While you may have worked on the SEO of your blog posts and think they’ll be great for the Google robots to see, you need to take that next step. You need to post them. We repeat; blogging does not stop when you hit upload.

Google seeing it isn’t enough. This may help your website ranking on search engines, but if you’re blogging to get more customers, increase traffic to your website and improve your brand awareness then you have got to take it to the next level.

A blog post that never get publicised is about as much good as a blog post that never got published. Especially when it comes to fulfilling the requirements, hopes and dreams stated above. Marketing your blog posts is crucial when it comes to reaping the real rewards.

Share snippets of your blog posts to social media platforms that you are active on, such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Post a snippet of your blog post and ask the reader to click here to read the rest of the blog post. That link will take them back to your website where they can read that blog post and many more.

Consider using Hootsuite or a similar social media management tool that schedules posts for social media. These tools will help you share snippets of your blog posts on social media on a regular basis. This will help increase brand awareness and direct more traffic to your website too.

Don’t let your blog posts sit in a vault or fall into a vacuum – get them shared, get them read, and get them working for you. Your blogs can turn a potential customer into your best customer.

Remember: Blogging Does Not Stop When You Hit Upload