Be In Research Mode At All Times

17th August, 2015

Posted by Ian Bridgestock l Content Writing

When it comes to content writing and blogging it can be hard to come up with ideas of things you can write about. So you will see you have ‘Write a Blog Post’ or ‘Create that guest blog’ on your to-do list but you’ll struggle to do them as you’ll have a lack of ideas or inspiration.


St Peters School Speed Networking

14th August, 2015

Posted by Hazel Cottrell l Community Blog

As many of you may know, I spent most of my life living in Cambridgeshire, although towards Huntingdon and only recently in Peterborough. In fact Creative Content Company was originally set up in Hartford, just outside Huntingdon, before moving to Peterborough when the company was just one month old!


You've Written A Blog Post - Now What!

13th August, 2015

Posted by Alex Walker l Blogging

You’ve written a blog post, its 300-600 words long, you’ve proof read it and got a friend to read over it too, you’ve including keywords, sprinkled them through and you’ve uploaded too but what now?


Many business owners think that by uploading a blog post to the website they’ve done their job, but that’s not quite the case – well not the full case anyway!

Why Go To A14 Coffee Morning?

12th August, 2015

Posted by Hazel Cottrell l Networking In Cambridgeshire

The A14 Coffee Morning takes place every Friday from 9am-11am at The Tap Room in St Ives. It’s free to go along to, you just grab yourself a drink and join the chatter. If you have a hot beverage such as a tea or coffee you get free refills until 10.30am and biscuits or chocolates – but they’re not the only reasons you should go along to A14 Coffee Morning.


Why Have A Free Blog Post Competition On A Monday?

11th August, 2015

Posted by Ian Bridgestock l Blogging

We've launched a free blog post competition that takes place every Monday, each week a different letter or number is chosen and if your name begins with that letter you can win a free blog post on LinkedIn, if your company name begins with that letter or number you can win a free blog post on Twitter.


But why do we run this competition on a Monday?

More Great Feedback For Creative Networking

10th August, 2015

Posted by Angela Jupe l Networking in Peterborough

We recently wrote a blog post about taking stock of Creative Networking and looking at how successful it had been and if we were to carry it on. The networking group in Peterborough wasn’t set up to make money, so when taking stock of Creative Networking we were looking at what the attendees got out of it. 


The Oreo Story

7th August, 2015

Posted by Hazel Cottrell l Social Media Training

A concern for many businesses or business owners, that stops them from using social media, is a fear of upsetting people or getting a bad response. As much as all publicity is good publicity, as the saying goes, what do you do when you get a bad response to something on social media?


I give you ‘The Oreo Story’

How Are Our Workshops Different To The Others?

6th August, 2015

Posted by Angela Jupe l Social Media Workshops

You’re not wrong, there are lots of social media and blogging workshops out there and you may be wondering how Creative Content Company workshops are different to all the other blogging and social media workshops that are on the market. This blog post will tell you exactly why our social media and blogging workshops are different to the rest; 

Effective Newsletter Content

5th August, 2015

Posted by Ian Bridgestock l Newsletter Creation

We have recently blogged about the design of a newsletter to make sure the reader sees it and you can get your message across, but what about the content of the newsletter?


How can you ensure you have effective newsletter content for your email newsletter?


What Role Do You Play?

4th August, 2015

Posted by Hazel Cottrell l Networking In Peterborough

I teach in prison, as part of their Business Studies NVQ and every other week I meet a new group of new students and we spend 2hrs talking about marketing, social media, networking and starting up a small business. The sessions go really well and the prisoners are really engaged, but just recently I have been thinking about the different roles played in class, and the different roles played in business.

Social Signals Are Important To Google

3rd August, 2015

Posted by Ian  Bridgestock l Social Media Training

There may be a few confusing points in the title, so let’s cover those first. When we say something is important to Google we mean it is to do with SEO (search engine optimisation) and will help you rank higher on search engines, such as Google). When we talk about social signals we mean social activity that is connected to your website and can be tracked by Google.

What To Post In August

31st July, 2015

Posted by Alex Walker l Social Media Training

As regular readers of our blog posts will know, every month we write a blog post with different, unique and sometimes pretty crazy ideas of what things you can post on your social media account. These are linked to national days, weeks and months of the year and are ways of getting your followers to engage with you on social media platforms. 

How Does DPiP Work?

30th July, 2015

Posted by Hazel Cottrell l Networking in Peterborough

Digital People in Peterborough is a networking group in Peterborough, also known as DPiP. They run a networking group once a month at Bewiched in the evening and it’s often fully booked days in advance but why? How does DPiP work and who should attend?


Writing Your Twitter Bio

29th July, 2015

Posted by Hazel Cottrell l Twitter Training Peterborough

Your Twitter bio is like a little insight into who you are, what you do, why you do it, how you do it and how people can find out more about what you do, with a sprinkling of your personality and you as a person – sound easy? Now try and fit that into 160 characters!


What Does Jo Bloggs Think Of Your Business?

28th July, 2015

Posted by Hazel Cottrell l Social Media Peterborough

Ever wondered what the regular Jo Bloggs thinks of your business? Do you know what the regular facebook user thinks of your facebook account, what a visitor to your website thinks of your website or even what Google might think of your website? Sometimes, when you are so far into your business it can be tricky to know what people outside of your business think..

Organise Your Newsletters

27th July, 2015

Posted by Ian Bridgestock l Newsletter Creation

We’ve spoken about the design of your newsletter, we’ve spoken about effective content for your newsletter but now we are going to give you some top tips for organising your newsletter for ultimate effectiveness.


Ready? Let’s Go! 


Why Are Creative Content Company Doing Workshops?

24th July, 2015

Posted by Angela Jupe l Social Media Workshops

This is a question we have been asked lots recently, since the launch of our social media and blogging workshops. Since early 2014 we have been doing one-to-one training to help clients and new businesses achieve more with their online and social media presence but this has been a new step for us.



Why Did We Go To Peterborough Careers Festival?

23rd July, 2015

Posted by Hazel Cottrell l Supporting The Community

We recently attended Peterborough Careers Festival for students at schools in Peterborough and Cambridgeshire; it’s one of the biggest events of its types and is really popular with hundreds of students attending with their teachers or parents


But why should Creative Content Company attend?

Build Trust With Your Website Content

22nd July, 2015

Posted by Ian Bridgestock l Website Content

Website content is such a great way of building up trust with the reader, allowing them to see you as a trusted friend and therefore they will be encouraged to buy a product or service from you now or in the future. This article will help you understand how you can build trust with your website content.


What Do People Think Of Creative Networking?

20th July, 2015

Posted by Angela Jupe l Creative Networking Peterborough

Creative Networking has been going for just over a year now and sometimes, when you start a new project it’s a good idea to sit back and take stock of how it’s going and if it’s worth continuing to do it. So, as the year anniversary came round we have done exactly that, we have taken stock of Creative Networking and looked at how it is going.


Free Blog Post Competition On Social Media

17th July, 2015

Posted by Hazel Cottrell  Free Blog Post

Every Monday the team here at Creative Content Company will be running not one but TWO competitions on social media where companies can win one free blog post. These competitions will be running on Twitter and LinkedIn and they will be separate to each other.


Write Website Content For Lazy People

15th July, 2015

Posted by Alex Walker | Website Content

As harsh and upsetting as it may sound, the visitor to your website doesn’t want to make a great deal of effort when it comes to reading your text. The visitor to your website wants to get what they want quickly and easily, not spending ages trying to find what they’re looking for or make sense of what you have written.


The Design Of Your Newsletter

13th July, 2015

Posted by Ian Bridgestock | Newsletter Design Tips

When designing your email newsletter there are some super important things that you need to remember to ensure that your email newsletter will be a success, we have listed some of them below for you;


Who Can DM You On Twitter?

10th July, 2015

Posted by Alex Walker| Twitter Training

Previously only people that followed you on Twitter could DM you, if you followed them too – however, as of April 2015, this has all changed and if you want you can be DMed by anyone, whether you are following them, they’re following you or if neither of you are following each other.


Which Queue Are You In?

8th July, 2015

Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Business Community Peterborough

Most lunch breaks the team here at Creative Content Company take a stroll down to the local Tesco, in Orton Wistow. There are 2 self check-outs and 3 check-outs where someone can serve you (like it used to be in the old days before people were replaced by gadgets).


New Business Network

5th July, 2015

Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Networking In Peterborough

There is a brilliant new networking event in Peterborough called the New Business Network, it has been set up by David Simpson of Opportunity Peterborough and is for businesses that are less than 2years old. In June was the 2nd New Business Network and it was another brilliant event.


The Benefits Of Using Us For Your Content Writing Needs

3rd July, 2015

Posted by Ian Bridgestock | Content Writing

Here at Creative Content Company we are often asked what the benefits of using us for content writing are, we have listed some of these reasons in this article for you, so you can understand why you should use Creative Content Company for your content writing needs.


What To Post On Social Media In July

1st July, 2015

Posted by Alex Walker | Social Media Tips

We create blog posts like this at the beginning of every month, we try not to give you a long list of things to post on your social media platforms, instead we give you ideas and inspiration so you can think of the sorts of things you can put on your own social media. We have found that all our clients sometimes need is a little help to get their creative juices flowing and then they’re off.


Do You Run An Event In Peterborough?

29th June, 2015

Posted by Angela Jupe | Events In Peterborough

The team here at Creative Content Company we set up Creative Networking as a way to support local businesses, to give them a place to network with no membership fees or expensive attendance fees, but now we are looking at other ways we can help local businesses. If you are a local business that runs events in Peterborough then this is an article you need to read!


What Is Blog Brainstorming?

26th June, 2015

Posted by Ian Bridgestock | Blogging Workshop

We recently wrote a blog post about a recent Blog Brainstorming session that Hazel ran with Ignite Peterborough, an organisation that helps entrepreneurs between 18 and 30 years old set up their business with financial and legal help and reduced rent for office space. Since this blog post we have had many people asking us what Blog Brainstorming is.


How Did VisionShift Go?

24th June, 2015

Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Peterborough Community

A few weeks after the big event and people are still talking about VisionShift and what they thought about it, others are asking how we got on and some people are asking how they can get involved next time as this missed out this time. This blog post is a review of VisionShift and how I think it went.


Twitter Character Limit Is Lifted

22nd June, 2015

Posted by Angela Jupe | Twitter Training

We have great news – the Twitter character limit of 140 characters per message has been lifted! This is great news as it means you can say more, get more across, really explain your thoughts or opinions and share a conversation with friends...


We Blog For Blood

19th June, 2015

Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Blog For Blood

I was listening to Heart Radio this morning on the way to work and they were saying that in one country when you give blood you get a text after you have given blood to say Thanks for giving blood and then later down the line you get another text when your blood is used, they tell you what the blood was used for and they send you a code to get a free taxi as a further ‘thank-you’.


LinkedIn Photo NoNo

17th June, 2015

Posted by Hazel Cottrell | LinkedIn Training

Having just come across a ‘person you may know’ on LinkedIn, I was somewhat surprised to see this photo come up and it was a lady that works in the legal sector, I have covered her face to save her embarrassment. It made me rush to the keyboard and drop what I was doing to discuss the Do’s and Don’ts of a photo for your LinkedIn profile.


Why Should I Buy Your White Car?

15th June, 2015

Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Creative Networking Peterborough

This is a line I seem to be constantly repeating when I teach in prison. I tell prisoners that I can buy the white car that they are selling from anyone but why should I buy it from them? I ask them why I would choose one of them over the other one. Although I get, often, very varied replies the point I am trying to get across is that people buy from people.


Do The Latest Facebook Algorithm Changes Affect You?

12th June, 2015

Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Facebook Algorithm Changes

So there has been another update on the Facebook algorithms, in this article we will tell you about the algorithm changes that have taken place, what it means for you and how you can use this algorithm change to help your business page on Facebook.


How To Achieve Great Blogging

10th June, 2015

Posted by Alex Walker | Blogging Tips

Many clients ask us how they can create great blog posts and achieve great blogging, there is no secret to great blogging, it’s all about getting you, your brand and your personality. Some people struggle with writing blog posts while others (like our team of content writers here at Creative Content Company) are natural blog writers. Don’t beat yourself up about it, the more stress you put on yourself the worse your blog post will be. 


Top Reasons Your Business Needs A Newsletter

8th June, 2015

Posted by Ian Bridgestock | Newsletter Creation

Here at Creative Content Company we provide content for newsletters and we can design newsletters for our clients too. Many people ask us if email marketing and newsletters actually work and we have two answers to that. Firstly, we do email marketing and newsletter and it certainly works for us (on average 1-3 new clients per monthly newsletter) and secondly, if we didn’t believe in a service we wouldn’t offer it! 


The Perfect Tweet

5th June, 2015

Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Social Media Training

As a social media trainer in Peterborough we spend a lot of time training businesses how they can use social media for their business. They often ask us what to write on social media and how to create that ‘perfect tweet’. 


Why Give Away Free Advice

3rd June, 2015

Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Peterborough Business Community

Many small businesses (usually start up businesses) and some large companies (usually small-minded) will ask us why we are giving away free advice. They feel that by giving away free advice we are surely giving away our business. If knowledge is power then why would we want to give our power away?


Social Media Ideas For June

1st June, 2015

Posted by Ian Bridgestock | Social Media Ideas

When it comes to putting posts and statuses on social media platforms it’s important you go for 70% social and 30% sales; never do more than 30% sales or you will find people unfollow your social media accounts. You don’t watch TV for the adverts and people don’t use social media to see your adverts and sales messages so aim for engagement.

Why Use A Content Writer For Your Website Content

16th Feb, 2015


Posted by Alex Walker | Website Content


We work closely with a lot of web designers in Peterborough & Cambridgeshire and. Often when websites are designed the web designer asks the client about the written content for the brand new website they are creating. Often the response is that the client will get their wife or child to write the content for them as they got a GCSE or A Level in English. It is at this point I feel my head banging on the table...





Paying It Forward Pays Back

16th Feb, 2015


Posted by Ian Bridgestock | Paying It Forward


Here at the Creative Content Company we have been raving on about ‘Paying It Forward’ along with helping out in the community at charity fundraisers, schools, colleges, prisons or where the needs are. We have never been paid for any of this, but instead we have done it to help make ‘the world a better place’. We know that sounds soppy, flowery and necessary but its true.




Dryathalon Finisher

13th Feb, 2015


Posted by Angela Jupe | 12 Months / 12 Charities


Hazel Cottrell, the Director here at Creative Content Company turns 30 this year and decided to take on the challenge of 12 months and 12 charities. This began with the Dryathalon for Cancer Research, joining 54,000 other people for one whole month of no alcohol. Here’s how she got on with it;

Social Media Masterclass Notes - March Chamber of Commerce

11th Feb, 2015


Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Social Media Training


I recently presented at a Social Media Masterclass for March Chamber of Commerce, a group of around 25 local people in business came together for this presentation and I promised I would share the notes from my presentation. I have uploaded these notes as a blog post so these top tips and pointers could be shared with everyone.

Colourful Content Writing

9th Feb, 2015


Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Content Writing Tips


Content writing doesn’t need to be boring – it can be fun. In this article we have put together some of the pointers that we use to make our content writing colourful and fun. We are sharing it with you so you can make your content writing colourful and fun too!

Call To Action Via Social Media

6th Feb, 2015


Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Social Media Tips


We’ve previously written about putting ‘call to actions’ on your website as a way of getting the visitor to your website to do something. However, call to actions work well on social media too – in this article we give you some top tips on how you can put call to actions in your social media to make it work better for you. 

Top Tips For Newsletter Creation

4th Feb, 2015


Posted by Ian Bridgestock | Newsletter


Newsletters are a really great way of keeping in touch with your customers and staying at the front of their minds without being that annoying person that’s constantly on the phone to them. You can use a newsletter to share news, link to relevant articles that may be of interest to the clients or photos of what you’ve been up to.

Do You Outsource Content Writing?

2nd Feb, 2015


Posted by Angela Jupe | Content Writing


Do you outsource your website content writing and blog writing to a content writer or a creative content company (like us)? More people do than you realise, lots may not admit to it but we think you’ll be surprised at how many businesses and business people actually do outsource their content writing needs!

Before You Start Blogging Know Your Audience

30th Jan, 2015


Posted by Alex Walker | Blogging Tips


Blogging is a really good way of helping improve the ranking of your website on search engines like Google, but it’s also a really good way on engaging with your readers and building up a relationship so they become potential and real clients of your business. However, to blog for the reader and your audience you need to understand the reader and your audience.

How NOT To Use LinkedIn

28th Jan, 2015


Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Social Media Tips


LinkedIn is another social media platform; it’s one of the oldest and can work really well for businesses looking to sell to businesses. But wait, I said ‘can work’, correct – if it’s done correctly LinkedIn CAN work really well and in this article we tell you how NOT to use LinkedIn in the hope you will be able to see how you really can make LinkedIn work for you, by doing it right.

Do Newsletters Really Work?

26th Jan, 2015


Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Newsletter Creation


When an email newsletter is done right it can actually work really well, when it’s done badly it can be like a rotten piece of fruit found in the back of the fridge – thrown in the bin as quick as anything so if you are going to try email marketing and email newsletters you need to make sure you do it well...

Facebook Hoax

23rd Jan, 2015


Posted by Angela Jupe | Social Media


After numerous phone calls, messages, texts and emails from concerned clients, business contacts, networking buddies, etc we felt that there may need to be a blog post that just confirms that really nobody needs to be concerned about the ‘Facebook Warning’ that they may have seen posted on friends profile pages. The post / status update looked something like this;

When Blogging Don't Make It All About You

21st Jan, 2015


Posted by Ian Bridgestock | Blog Writing 


Sometimes it’s hard to know what to blog about, you sit down to write a blog post and all you can come up with are things that you are doing, special offers you have on at the moment or a new product or service you can offer the readers – but don’t make all your blogs about you!

Creative Networking Just Keeps Getting Better

19th Jan, 2015


Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Networking 


With a New Year upon us, we felt that Creative Networking was ready for a little lick of paint, some TLC and a bit of a shape up. The #CreativeNetworking team put their heads together and we had some meetings with various people and we are very excited with the outcome – if you like networking you will love what we have got planned;

12 Months - 12 Charities

16th Jan, 2015


Posted by Angela Jupe | Community 


Hazel Cottrell, the Director of Creative Content Company turns 30 in February this year, and she has decided to take on the challenge of supporting 12 charities throughout the twelve months of 2015, it’s a chance to give back to the community in a big way.

Formatting Website Content

14th Jan, 2015


Posted by Ian Bridgestock | Website Content 


I’m sure we all know that websites have minimal time to capture our attention; if they don’t have what we want (or we can’t clearly see that the website has what we want) we want to move on to the next website quickly. Personally, when I am looking to purchase a product or service I open the top 3-5 pages on the search engine and skim read

Top Tips For Keywords And Content Writing

12th Jan, 2015


Posted by Hazel Cottrell | SEO Content Writing 


Every business have a rough idea of what they think their keywords could be, for example if you are selling Burgers in Peterborough, your keywords may be Burgers in Peterborough, Burger Van in Peterborough, Beefburgers in Peterborough and similar. This is a very vague example, but it gives you the general idea of keywords / key-terms you may be looking at.


Why Should You Blog Regularly?

9th Jan, 2015


Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Blogging Tips 


As with every new aim or goal, many people (me included), throw themselves into the new challenge with buckets full of gusto, sacks full of motivation and tons of excitement... as time goes on the buckets finds holes, the sacks start to split and the excitement starts to disappear. Many business owners and self employed people have decided that they will start blogging.


Does The Content On Your Website Pages Need To Be 300 Words or More?

7th Jan, 2015


Posted by Angela Jupe | SEO Content 


I have been preaching to anyone that will listen that creative content is important for website, after all Google claims that ‘Content is King’ so you need to make sure that the content on your website is informative, engaging and unique. You also need to ensure that your website page content is at least 300 words.


Get Your Blogging Social - Resolutions for 2015

5th Jan, 2015


Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Blogging Tips 


Research shows that many readers judge the quality of a blog post by the amount of social shares, we say many people but it’s actually 42% of people that do this so you need to make sure your blog posts are shared socially to get them out there and to get more people reading them.


Top Tips For Starting A Blog In 2015

2nd Jan, 2015


Posted by Ian Bridgestock | Blogging Tips 


With a New Year upon us we are all setting new plans and coming up with different ideas for growing our business. Many of us will have ‘start blogging’ on their list of New Year’s resolutions, so we have put together some top tips that should keep you blogging through 2015.


How Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce Helped Creative Content Company

31st Dec, 2014


Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Networking 


Back in March 2013, Creative Content Company joined Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce and we have never looked back – but why?


When you are a brand new business you’re not sure where to turn, everyone is telling you to join various groups and organisations...


Top 10 Ways To Kick Start Your Social Media in 2015

29th Dec, 2014


Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Social Media Tips 


If you’ve been putting off social media or you gave it a go but it’s kind of plodding along slowly now is the time to up the anti and really attack social media – here are ten ways in which you can give your social media presence the kick up the bum it may need;


Do You Want Everyone On Twitter Thinking You Want An Anal Bum Party?

26th Dec, 2014


Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Twitter Tips 


Hashtags are big on Twitter, but they can also be slightly / very annoying when used incorrectly. They can also be misunderstood quite badly when not used in the right way. We have put together this article on how to use hashtags to save you the embarrassment that using hashtags incorrectly can cause.


The Day I Met The Man From Google?

23rd Dec, 2014

Posted by Hazel Cottrell | SEO 

When I was at The Telegraph Festival of Business I was very lucky to meet Raja Saggi, a man from Google. I watched his presentation and then was lucky enough to have a catch up with him after the event in person and even on Twitter in the weeks that followed the event.

Why Is Technology At The Heart Of Every Great Business?

21st Dec, 2014

Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Business 

This is another article I have created from a presentation at The Telegraph Festival of Business, an event in London that I attended a few weeks back. The presentation was called ‘Why is technology at the heart of every great business?’ – it was presented by Tim Steiner (TS) from Ocado and was followed by a Question and Answer session with Tim...

How Do The Big Companies Get New Clients?

19th Dec, 2014

Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Social Media  

When I attended The Telegraph Festival of Business recently I learnt so much from large business owners who used to be just like me. Every company started small once but sometimes that is easily forgotten when you are working every hour under the sun just to make a success of your business..

Why Should Businesses Engage on Social Media

17th Dec, 2014

Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Social Media  

The clues in the name, social media needs to be social. You don’t put the TV on to watch the adverts; you put the TV on to watch the programs. When you go on Twitter and Facebook, you don’t want to be sold at you want to engage with people, you want to catch up with your friends and you want to have a little bit of ‘fun time’.

Why Do Creative Content Company Pay It Forward?

15th Dec, 2014

Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Community 

You may have recently seen our blog posts about Paying It Forward and you may be wondering why we have decided to get involved in something like ‘Paying it Forward’. Surely the question should be why not? Or even why you are not involved in Paying it Forward?

What is SEO Friendly Content?

12th Dec, 2014

Posted by Hazel Cottrell | SEO

Here at Creative Content Company in Peterborough I am often asked what SEO friendly content actually is. SEO means Search Engine Optimisation and content (in this form)is anything written words on your website from website pages, blog posts, articles, latest news and such like.

What Does Your Business Want From Social Media?

10th Dec, 2014

Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Business 

When you decide your business needs to be on social media platforms you also need to decide what you want from social media. Many businesses think they are going to join Facebook or Twitter and over night they will have 5000 customers queuing up to buy from them.

OpenCity - Why Did I Get Involved

8th Dec, 2014

Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Business 

A few months ago I received an email from Compare the Market; the email title stated “Want to work for free?” Some companies may look at an email like this and immediately click the ‘delete’ button without a second thought but here at Creative Content Company, things are a little different.

How does #FF Work   ​

5th Dec, 2014

Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Twitter 

If you use Twitter on a Friday you can’t swing a cat (not recommended as it can harm the cat) without seeing a #FF or #FollowFriday. But what does #FF mean and how can you really make it work when you are a business using Social Media?

What Content Can Make Your Website Better  ​

3rd Dec, 2014

Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Business 

Here at Creative Content Company we don’t do website design and we don’t do SEO, we offer content creation to make websites better and to make them more SEO friendly. In this article we have put together some top tips for various content, articles and pages that will make your website better for you, better for visitors to your website and better for search engines like Google.

LinkedIn For Your Business  ​

1st Dec, 2014

Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Business 

LinkedIn can be an excellent social media platform for your business, it is professional and business like but that doesn’t mean it can’t be ‘you’. Whenever you use social media you need to make sure you have a personality. As we have said before, people buy people and nobody wants to talk to a robot.

The Day I Went To Prison ​

28 Nov, 2014

Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Community 

Telling my grandparents I was going to prison was always going to be an awkward conversation, they like to think their grandchildren are wonderfully innocent and law abiding citizens who have never said boo to a goose... then there was me – Hazel.

How Can Blogging Work For Your Business? ​

26 Nov, 2014

Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Blogging Tips 

Blogging is a fantastic thing for a business; it’s a way of keeping your website fresh with new content while keeping Google happy in the knowledge that you are an ‘active’ website. First we will go back to the basics explaining what blogging actually is.

The 2014 Real Business Challenge ​

24 Nov, 2014

Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Community 

In June I was thrilled to be invited along to Jack Hunt School for their 2014 Real Business Challenge Day, I was given a group of 5 year students for the day and I had such a fantastic time. I left truly inspired and I’m really looking forward to being more involved with the schools

Do you have an about us page ​

21 Nov, 2014

Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Case Studies  

When it comes to websites, generally speaking there are certain things that every website should have. This includes a contact details so potential customers can get hold of you and order your products or services. Each website also needs to explain the products or services that are available otherwise people don’t know why they have come to your site..

Pay it Forward  
19 Nov, 2014
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Case Studies  

I was telling a friend about something that happened to me a while ago (I will tell you the story shortly) and she said it was like the film ‘Pay it Forward’, she then went on to tell me about the film and the idea behind the story. I am now keen to see the film but in the meantime I have decided that I will pay it forward and this is how.....

Do Newsletters Work? 
17 Nov, 2014
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Newsletter Tips  
Here at Creative Content Company we offer newsletter creation as a service to our clients, but it’s one of those things where we just don’t practice what we preach. Instead we send a newsletter every now and again when we have a minute and never quite expect them to work... but do they actually work? 
Creative Content Company Gets Involved with OpenCity 
12 Nov, 2014
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | OpenCity 
The team here at Creative Content Company were thrilled to have been contacted by Compare the Market and Peterborough council groups to get involved in a project called Open City. OpenCity is a project that is being created on Long Causeway and helps the businesses of Peterborough with promotion in the City 
Can Creative Networking Work For You?
10 Nov, 2014
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Creative Networking
Creative Networking was launched in June of this year; it was launched as a way for local businesses of all sizes to meet other, likeminded people. Having networked in Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas we felt that good quality breakfast networking groups were few and far between so we took the best bits.......
When Six Becomes
Oct 27, 2014
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Blogging Tips
You may have heard the Spice Girls song about Two becoming One, but this is a slightly different version of Six becoming Three. The free social media scheduling / social media management platform known as Hootsuite is now charging people that want to manage more than three accounts from the one platform.
Want Digital Services For Less Money?
Oct 07, 2014
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Blogging Tips
There is a superb new scheme set up in Cambridgeshire called Destination Digital, a grant available to companies in Peterborough who employ less than 250 people who are looking to buy digital ‘stuff’. Digital stuff includes digital hardware, digital software and digital services.
Case Study – The Power of Social Media

July 11, 2014

Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Case Studies
In August 2013 a lady was setting up a company but she didn’t know what to call it, she considered lots of different names but nothing seemed to fit the bill. She decided to write a blog post, asking friends of her personal blog for ideas.
Social Media Posts For July

July 04, 2014

Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Social Media Tips
We’re sure you know it’s really important to keep your social media platforms up to date, this means posting engaging updates on them at least once a day, every day (yes – even weekends)!  In this article we have put together a few  social media posts and ideas for you to put on your social media platforms this month;
Want To Get Your Website Indexed By Google?
June 27, 2014
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Blogging Tips
So you’ve spent lots of money getting the perfect website made for your business but you are getting minimal traffic to your site? This is the same as spending a small fortune on brochures and catalogues for your business and then leaving them in the garage to get dusty.
Creative Networking Launch
May 08, 2014
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Creative Networking
For many months Hazel, our CEO, has been toying with the idea of creating a breakfast networking event for a while now, now the time has finally come. The first ever Creative Networking event will be on the 5th June at 8am. But what is Creative Networking?
How Can You, As A Business, Use Unhappy Twitter Customers...
April 24, 2014
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Social Media Tips
Previously we have spoken about different things you can post on Twitter to encourage new followers, to get tweets retweeted and expand your brand awareness, but what about when you left with an unhappy customer on Twitter – what do you do then? How can you use unhappy twitter customers to grow your business?
Which Social Media Platform Is Best For Your Business?
April 18, 2014
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Social Media Tips
We meet up with many clients to offer them social media training and we are often asked the same question – which social media platform is best for our business. In this article we tell you, in our opinion, which social media platform is best for each different business.
Top Tips For Social Media Marketing
April 14, 2014
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Social Media Tips
Social media plays a huge part in the marketing structure for a business but it can be hard to know how to use social media for your business. In this article we have put together a few tops tips to help you run your social media campaigns to help improve the social media marketing for your business.
Creative Content Company DOES Peterborough Does Business
April 11, 2014
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | General News
This news is HOT OF THE PRESS, we are thrilled to be given this amazing opportunity and we love the fact it’s a local project too. The team here at Creative Content Company have been given the job of managing social media platforms on Facebook for Peterborough Does Business with the organiser Gary Johannes.
Hey You, Start Up Business! You Can Do It!!!!
March 27, 2014
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | General News
I have just posted this in a Facebook business networking page and as I was writing it, it dawned on me that I would actually like it to help more than the people in that group, but I want start-up businesses all over the UK and even the rest of the world to see it and hopefully it will help them too!
Tips for Successful Blogging
February 03, 2014
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Blogging Tips
In this article we give you just some top tips on how you can blog successfully, it’s a question we are often asked and as much as some businesses choose to pass on their blogging on to us to do it for them, we like to help those clients that want to give it a go themselves;
Is Facebook Dying?
January 29, 2014
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | General News
I have been to lots of networking events recently and have had clients coming up to me asking if I had heard that Facebook is dying with others asking me if it’s true that Facebook really is dying… here is an article, of my personal opinion on the ‘Death of Facebook’.
Charity Is Close To Our Heart at Creative Content Company
January 27, 2014
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | General News
Here at Creative Content Company charity is something that is close to our hearts. Hazel, our Director has done lots of fundraising over the last 15yrs and helped to raise some substantial amount of money for numerous charities. It was only a matter of months before she had to find a way for Creative......
Creative Content Company Go Networking in Peterborough
January 24, 2014
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | General News
As a Peterborough based business we often get out and about and pop along to networking events in Peterborough. When the Creative Content Company was started up by Hazel funds were low so she was out looking for cheap / free networking events. She also wanted an event that was...
If You Don’t Enjoy It – Don’t Do It : Creative Content Company Story
January 22, 2014
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Blogging Tips, General News, Social Media Tips
As the year 2013 came to an end I re-evaluated what was going on in life. I looked at where I was in life, where my career was, where my personal life was and where I wanted all of this to be. I decided that were some parts of my life that I didn’t enjoy and this did start to bring me down so I.....
Case Study – Facebook Client: You Never Know Where Your...
January 20, 2014
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Case Studies, Social Media Tips
A client came to us recently, she had been on Facebook for a while and nothing was happening. She posted when she got the chance (which she admitted was not frequently – lots and lots for a few days then nothing for a few weeks).
Free Social Media Advice? What’s The Catch?
January 17, 2014
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Blogging Tips, General News, Social Media Tips
The old saying goes that there is no such thing as a free lunch, but sometimes this is not the case entirely… sometimes there really is such thing as a ‘free lunch’, well nearly…
Top Reasons Why
People Blog
January 14, 2014
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Blogging Tips

In this article we list just some of the top reasons people blog but we are keen to hear from you too; If you have a blog what it your reason for blogging? If you don’t have a blog has this article given you food for thought… or is there another reason you do not want to start a blog?

Case Study – Social Media Client: Stay Fresh!
January 13, 2014
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Case Studies, Social Media Tips

Very recently a client contacted us, he had just started a brand new company and he wanted to know how to do social media. He understood the benefits of social media and blogging but didn’t have a clue where to start so he asked if we could offer some social media training to him.

Case Study – Blogging Client: Keep It Regular!
January 06, 2014
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Blogging Tips, Case Studies
Some months back we were approached by a client, he required someone to do his blogging. The client was posting regularly and the articles were of good quality and very interesting to his target audience… yet his visitors were not improving with his blog posts and he was left scratching his head to why this might be.
Struggling With Ideas for Your Social Media Posts?
January 08, 2014
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Social Media Tips
We often go to networking events around Cambridgeshire and sometimes further afield and when we tell people what we do they tell us they have a social media presence but when it comes to social media management they really struggle with coming up with ideas of what to write in statuses...
JANUARY – Creative Content Companys’ Monthly Record
January 05, 2014
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | General News
Hi Guys,
As promised, the much anticipated record of the month for January. This month we want to break the record for the fastest time to write “The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog” five times.
What To Expect From Creative Content Company 2014?
January 01, 2014
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | General News
Hello Everyone,
I would like to start by wishing you all a very Happy New Year, since the Creative Content Company was launched just over 3 months ago things have really gone from strength to strength, as you can see by our testimonials page we
Creative Content Company Referral Scheme – What’s In It For You?
December 29, 2013
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | General News
Referral schemes are really beneficial for businesses, experts say that word of mouth is one of the strongest marketing tools a business can use but what does the giver of the referral receive? What is in it for you if you were to recommend the content creation or social media management services.....
A Happy Social Media Training Client – TinyTykes Peterborough
December 11, 2013
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Case Studies
The team here at Creative Content Company were thrilled to have received the following review referring to their social media training. The client had kindly popped it on our Best of Peterborough page for the whole world to see!
Do You Know How To Use Twitter For Your Business?
November 20, 2013
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Social Media Tips
As a Twitter Account Manager, I have come across lots of companies that are using Twitter, they are updating Twitter everyday with messages saying ‘Good Morning’ and posting a tweet about their latest offer or news about one of their products and they think that they are being very active....
What is Guest
November 18, 2013
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Blogging Tips, SEO Tips
Guest posting is fast becoming a very popular way of building a strong link from a website with high authority and directing this authority (and any traffic) towards a company’s website, but what is guest posting?
Google Says Google+ Has No Affect on Rankings
November 15, 2013
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Blogging Tips, SEO Tips, Social Media Tips
One of the most hotly debated issues in Social Media and SEO currently is if Google+ actually influences the rankings of your site on the search engine Google. Some experts state that Google+ has a dramatic affect on rankings and could in fact be one of the most important factors for your rankings....
What does ‘Viral’ mean and how can ‘Viral Blog Content’ Help You
November 13, 2013
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Social Media Tips
You will often hear people saying that something they have done has gone viral, or perhaps the latest dance craze has gone viral, but what does viral actually mean?
What Does DM Mean On Twitter?
November 11, 2013
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Social Media Tips
Since doing a recent blog post on #FF added with my experience as a Twitter Account Manager I was asked what RT meant and now I have been asked what DM means. I think it is purely down to the fact that I was an absolute twitter idiot with no idea what a tweet was let alone how to use HootSuite.
What Are The Benefits Of Having A Blog On Your Site?
November 08, 2013
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Blogging Tips, SEO Tips, Social Media Tips
Some people don’t think of their blog as a social media platform or blogging as social media marketing but actually it is and this is just one reason why it is highly recommended that you get a blog on your website. Experts feel that blogging can be the cornerstone to your social media strategy......
What Are Back
November 06, 2013
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | SEO Tips
Back Links are links from other sites back to your own. For example I have a back-link from the BBC website this is a link from their site to a personal blog of mine. It was a blog post I wrote about one of their programmes.
What Does Cached Mean? – From A Blog Writer
November 04, 2013
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Blogging Tips, SEO Tips
In this article I will talk about ‘caching’ this word will usually be found in a sentence in the form of ‘When your site gets cached’ or ‘we are waiting for Google to cache your site’. I have put it into really simple terms as I know first-hand just how hard SEO can be to get your head around!
How Can I Use Twitter For My Business?
November 01, 2013
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Social Media Tips
As a Social Media Account Manager I often speak to people who have been told to use Twitter or Facebook for their business but they just don’t know how to use it to help them in their business. Using social media sites can really help with the ranking of your website as there are rumours that Google uses social signals.....
How Can Google Analytics Help You Write Blog Posts?
October 30, 2013
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Blogging Tips, SEO Tips
In this article I discuss how your Google Analytics can help you decide what blog posts / topics to write about.
What Does ‘RT’ Mean On Twitter? – Social Media Training
October 28, 2013
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Social Media Tips
Since writing my post called “What is #ff?” I have since had people asking me what RT stands for, please do not get me wrong, I am not (definitely not) the Social Media Guru (but you can call me “Miss Social Media Princess” if you would like?).
What Is A Meta-Description? – SEO Tips
October 25, 2013
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | SEO Tips
Once again, A short little post with the best SEO Tips to tell you exactly what you need to know, feel free to have a look at other sites for longer and more  in-depth descriptions but this article will give you the very basics to understand what a meta-description is and how it works.
Where Can You Find Blog Content Ideas?
October 23, 2013
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Blogging Tips
Updating your blog on a regular basis is a really good idea, but what you don’t want to start doing is positing blog content for contents sake (I have done this in my earlier days of blogging).
What is SoMe? –
Social Media Tips
October 21, 2013
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Social Media Tips
You will often see the acronym ‘SoMe’ on social media sites like Twitter or LinkedIn where the amount of characters you are allowed to use are low, so space is everything.
What Is A Meta-Title? –
SEO Tips
October 18, 2013
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | SEO Tips
I decided to do these very short ‘SEO Tips’ articles basically explaining the basic terms of SEO in very basic words. I had to pretty much teach myself SEO and learn what each word meant, but instead of a very simple “This words means ……
When Should I Put My Blog Posts Live?
October 16, 2013
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Blogging Tips
When I tell clients that they should try and post blogs on the same day / same time each week or month they panic that they might be busy on that day or such like. This is not the case, on most websites / blog sites you can put posts in ‘draft’ or even schedule them for a later date.
What Is Duplicate
October 14, 2013
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Blogging Tips, SEO Tips
Simply speaking, Duplicate Content is a bad thing. Google does not like it and will penalise you for having duplicate content on your site.
Why Should I Hire A Blog Writer To Do My Blogging For Me?
October 11, 2013
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Blogging Tips
Many businesses and companies hire content writers to do their blog posts for them, but why do they do this and is this something that you should consider for your website?
Social Media Facts You NEED To Know
October 09, 2013
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Social Media Tips
Some people feel that social media sites are used to tell everyone what they are having for lunch. This article shows you how important social media could be for your business and also shows you just how many customers you could be missing out on by not managing your social media correctly!
What Is A
October 07, 2013
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | SEO Tips
A ‘CTA’ is another (shorter) way of saying ‘Call To Action’. A call to action is something that you should have on every page of your website and some people choose to have them in their meta-descriptions too.
Why Should Your Business
October 04, 2013
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Blogging Tips
You may have heard people telling you that your business has to blog, that you have to have a blog on your site and that you have to regularly blog – but why? Why should your business blog?
Throw Enough Mud And Some Of It Will Stick? SEO TIPS
October 02, 2013
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | SEO Tips, Social Media Tips
A common misconception in SEO Strategies is that if you do enough work (throw enough mud) then some of it will work (some of the mud will stick) but this is not the case. It is not recommended that you do a little bit of everything instead focus on a few areas and do a lot of work in these areas.
What Does #FF Mean On Twitter? (From a Blog Writer)
September 30, 2013
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Social Media Tips
Lots of people ask this every Friday when they find their name on twitter next to #ff or #FF. What does #ff actually mean?
Should I Use My Logo For My Twitter Profile?
September 27, 2013
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | General News
This is an article that I know a lot of people will be thrilled to see. There are a few different ways of approaching this subject but I don’t think me screaming “it’s blooming annoying not knowing who you are” is going to work, so I will put my feelings, in regards to the twitter profile, forwardin the following way instead.
Would Your Company Outsource Content Management

September 25, 2013

Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Blogging Tips, General News

There is lots of research currently across the internet showing that more and more companies are choosing to outsource content marketing to another company. Is it a good idea for your business to outsource their content?

Why Should Your Business Use Hootsuite?

September 23, 2013

Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Social Media Tips

Ever since I was told about hootsuite by Ann Hawkins, I have pretty much lived and breathed it. This tool is amazing and if I was given £1 for each person I recommend it to (which I’m not), then I would be a very rich little lady!

Why Should I Get A Blog On My Website?
September 20, 2013
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | General News, SEO Tips
One of the first things I say to clients when they come on board is that they should get a blog on their website. This is always followed by one of two responses. Either “Why?” or more of the standard response “But I don’t have anything to write about / anytime to write stuff for it”.
What Should I Blog
September 18, 2013
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | SEO Tips, Social Media Tips
If you have just started writing blog content or are considering starting a blog for your website then you may need put some time aside and decide that is when you will sit and blog – however sometimes it is not always that easy and you may be stuck with what is well-known as.....
What Is National Day
September 16, 2013
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Blogging Tips, SEO

National Day Blogging is great for when you want to update your blog but you’re not sure what to write about, it’s also a nice blog post that it is a little different from your normal posts.

Social Media Ideas For
June 25, 2013
Posted by Hazel Cottrell | Social Media Tips

As we know, Social Media is uber-important but it can sometimes be hard to know what to say. It is important to get business messages across but it is also important to remember it is ‘Social’ Media and therefore you need to be ‘social’ but how can you get people to engage in what you have to say?

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The Peterborough Marketplace 

This is the first time we have decided to try something a little bit different at our breakfast events. Normally we have a guest speaker but this time we have a selection of guest speakers so we can all really understand each others businesses and maybe even purchase off each other!

28th June, 2016

FAQ - More Traffic To My Website

In this blog post I thought I would share a frequently asked question with you, this is something we are asked all the time and when I received this style of email for the umpteenth time I decided I should make it into a blog post as it is clearly a question that lots of people want to know the answers too.

15th June, 2016

How To Outsource Content

As a business owner it can sometimes feel uncomfortable outsourcing work to somebody else, after all they may not have the same ideas as you, want the same things as you or be as passionate about your business as you are. These are just some reasons people umm and aahhh about outsourcing things but there is a rule for outsourcing.

25th May, 2016

Are You Motivational?

I need up to 4 motivational / inspirational speakers to present in Peterborough Prison on Monday 13th June or Friday 17th June. You will be presenting to up to 30 prisoners and up to three members of their family or close friends at an event known as Achievement Day.

1st May, 2016

Guest Speaking In St Neots

I will be speaking at St Neots Business Network in May and I would love it if you were able to come along and join me – would be great to see a friendly face or two as I still get nervous when guest speaking at events.

25th April, 2016

Afternoon Tea Business Networking

For those that have attended Creative Networking before, you will know that we run 3 events at present. We have breakfast networking events, speed networking lunches and a coffee morning business networking event, but as of June we will have one more networking event that we think you will love.

22nd April, 2016

Could A Content Marketing Plan Help Your Business?

The copy writing team here at Creative Content Company spend lots of tie working with clients on content marketing plans to help local businesses. A content marketing plan is a way of making sure that everything you are doing, content wise, is working in the same direction and is helping your business overall

14th April, 2016

Copywriting Is The Backbone Of Content Marketing

Many content marketing agencies feel that copywriting is the backbone of content marketing and we are inclined to agree with them because through copywriting you are creating the right message, you’re carefully choosing the right words for the message and deciding the best voice and tone to convey the message.

7th April, 2016

Are Words Failing You?

It’s one thing having a writer’s block and not being able to write for a day or two, we often have that, but when it comes to your web copy or content for your blog posts and words have been failing you for a few weeks, months or even years (this does happen), then you need the help of professional web copy writers. 

6th April, 2016

What To Put In Your Newsletter Content

 There a wide range of things you can show and talk about in your business newsletter content but there are also some add on bits of newsletter content for your business newsletter that will keep your newsletter exciting, interesting and informative – therefore keeping the subscribers to your newsletter engaged. 

5th April, 2016

What Do You Do?

We have recently been working for a website that is like a directory, it is a comparison site for various businesses within the industry, this industry is removals and it was our job to write over 200 pages of SEO friendly content about what each removals company can do and the services they offer, such as packing, piano removals, international moves and of course... removals!

4th April, 2016

We Are Volunteering For Cancer Research UK

A short while ago we signed up to Radio 1 #1millionhours – it’s a campaign that is all about getting people involved in charities and their local community. Together we can achieve one million hours, but alone we couldn’t do this!

3rd April, 2016

What Is Your Referral Scheme?

Here at Creative Content Company we get a lot of business through recommendations, from a selection of existing clients, previous clients and networking contacts. Why do people recommend us? We would like to think they do so because they like us and think we are good at what we do but maybe they also do it because they know we offer a good referral scheme.

2nd April, 2016

What To Post In April

For regular readers of our blog posts, this is much anticipated list of social media post ideas for April. If you haven’t seen our posts before then I shall give you a brief overview. Every month we put together some ideas that businesses can use on their social media, they help to get the creative juices flowing for social media posts for the month ahead;

1st April, 2016

Writing Catchy Web Copy

Every time you create web copy for your business remember that your website is your shop window to the world, it will be there 24 hours day, 7 days a week whether you are out networking, in the office doing admin, working on projects, off on holiday or even fast asleep. Every word of web copy for your business website needs to count.

31st March, 2016

To Price Or Not To Price?

We have spent a long time pondering this very fact – do we want to be public with the prices on our website or would we rather have them hidden so people can contact us directly... but what if people don’t want to contact us directly because they’re scared of the hard sell, or maybe our price is too low or high and it puts them off contacting us?

30th March, 2016

Our Online Digital Shop

Have you seen our online digital shop? It’s a one-stop shop for all your digital needs from blog post ideas and blog posts to social media training and content writing consultations. You will always find a maximum of 10 great offers, to help you achieve more with your business on-line.

29th March, 2016

Why Use Content Writing Services?

Have you ever considered using the content writing services of a company like us? Many businesses across Peterborough have and already do, but why do they use content writing services? In this blog we have put together the most common reasons our clients use content writing services, and it’s not just because of lack of time to write content themselves.

28th March, 2016

Dealing With LinkedIn Requests

Very often you will receive LinkedIn connection requests from people you don’t know, it will very often be a person with no face and a name you don’t recognise. A company name may be stated but usually there will be no personalised message and you will be left with no idea who they are or why they want to connect with you – this is what you should do;

27th March, 2016

Going Over Your 60 Seconds

When you go to networking events you may be given a 30 second, 40 second or 60 second limit on a sales pitch which you will present to the room… but what happens if you feel that amount of time just isn’t enough, what happens if you have more, much more to say?


26th March, 2016

How Do Content Writers Work?

Here at Creative Content Company we quite often post on social media what we are doing that day, for example we will say the topics of website content we are doing, the social media account industries we are posting for or the type of companies we are writing blogs for and very often we will be asked how we know that stuff.


25th March, 2016

How Do Local Pages Work?

Local pages on your website are great for SEO and can really help you rank higher on search engines like Google, gain more traffic to your website and increase potential customers that will want to buy your product or service from you. Want to know more?


24th March, 2016

Are You On Your Twitter?

This isn’t another blog where we tell you that you really should be on Twitter because it is a way to grow your business, expand your reach and increase your brand awareness – instead we are talking about being ‘on’ your Twitter...


23rd March, 2016

We Are Supporting Sue Ryder

Our friend Andrew Whittaker, a freelance marketer and business coach is helping to organise a fundraising night for Sue Ryder Care at Thorpe Hall Hospice and he has asked for donations of raffle prizes and auction lots so we are getting involved.


22nd March, 2016

Grasp The Business Opportunity Of Social Media

In this article we will explain how you can grasp the business opportunity that social media platforms offer you, explaining what social media is and why it is an important part of an internet marketing strategy for your business.


21st March, 2016

What Does Social Media Do For Your Business?

Here at Creative Content Company we offer social media help and social media training in Peterborough and surrounding areas. We understand that now everyone ‘gets’ social media and we also know that every business should be on every social media platform so that is what our social media training is based on;


20th March, 2016

Hahahahahaha - The Business Of Laughter

Our next Creative Networking is definitely something a little different, but before I go on to that let me explain what Creative Networking breakfast offer. Of course they offer breakfast but there is so much more too!


19th March, 2016

Effective Landing Page Content

A landing page is a page on your website and it focused on getting a visitor to the page to do something, it is an optimised page for a certain keyword and will encourage them to buy the product now, to sign up for a newsletter or to book onto an event, for example. 

18th March, 2016

We Are Moving

Since July 2014 we have been based in Tesla Court with our very good friends Alex and Ian (and later Adam) from Geek Designs. It has been great fun working together and we have been able to help lots of clients between us and pass work from one business to the other as they create awesome websites and we did the content for their awesome websites.

17th March, 2016

Proud Positive Networking Members

 As of Thursday 10th March we are now official members of Positive Networking, an exciting, positive and expanding networking group in Peterborough. This is the only paid membership networking group I am a member of and it’s a group I highly recommend to other business owners and people in business.

16th March, 2016

Simple Steps For Using LinkedIn

This blog post is for those that do not yet have a LinkedIn profile page and are not sure where to start. This is a simple step by step guide to setting up and using LinkedIn, starting at the very beginning! 



15th March, 2016

Final Figures For Peterborough Light Project

I have just received these figures from Sue and Arnie, the organisers of Peterborough Light Project and wanted to share with you what the project achieved. It has certainly made a huge impact on those lives of those that were homeless.



14th March, 2016

What Is Social Media Management?

Here at Creative Content Company we offer Social Media Management as a service, but as we have spoken to more and more businesses we have found that not everyone is completely sure what social media management means so we thought we would put this blog together in the hope that everyone would then understand exactly what social media management means.

13th March, 2016

VisionShift Part Two

Last year we took over 60 business people to Peterborough Prison to meet over 200 male and female prisoners. The event was run as a speed networking style for prisoners to understand to opportunities that could be available to them on release, different careers they may not have considered and to shift the vision of the prisoner and the business.

12th March, 2016

Simple Blogging Tips

Very often at networking events in Peterborough I am asked for top blogging tips, simple blogging tips and the very basic blogging tips so people can understand what is need of a blog post and how they should go about writing one. 


11th March, 2016

What Does Your Business Card Say?

I went to a networking event a long time ago, with Ed Goodman, where we each looked at each other’s business cards and said what we thought the business card was portraying, the message it was spreading and who the card was aimed at. Now I am bringing this event to Creative Networking, some 3 years later!


10th March, 2016

Tweets From The Grave

Having recently seen some jokes about people employing someone to continue tweeting on Twitter and posting on Facebook after their death it got me thinking... was this really a service that people would be interested in?


9th March, 2016

Happy International Women's Day

Today is International Women’s Day and as much as I am not the type to shout about women’s rights, I’m not a feminist and while I do want equality for women I do not want this to overtake from men. However, I would like to take this chance to thank some very special ladies on International Women’s Day (and I completely feel there should be an International Men’s Day); 

8th March, 2016

MORE Newsletter Topic Ideas

Just a few days ago we gave you a few ideas for business newsletter topics but if you are anything like us and schedule your newsletters in advance then you may already be thinking about the next newsletter (months in advance) so we have put together some more email newsletter topic ideas for you. 

7th March, 2016

Need Website Copy?

You know that your website needs content, but unless you are a web copywriter it can be tricky to make the website copy work in a way that it connects with your customers and visitors to your website. 


6th March, 2016

All Time High For Mobile Facebook Users

It has been reported that 26.9 million mobile phone users in the UK are expected to use facebook this year, through their mobile phone. This is a rise by 50.8% and shows how much social media users are choosing to visit their favourite social media platforms via their mobile phones.


5th March, 2016

Short On Newsletter Topics?

Writers Block is a real thing and it really happens, if you are struggling with topics and experiencing a writer’s block for newsletter titles then we can help. We have put together this list of email newsletter topics for you, to help get those creative juices flowing!


4th March, 2016

Talent For A Tenner

You may have seen us on Facebook, heard rumours about an upcoming event or even had a chat with Talent For A Tenner on Twitter – but what is it? What is Talent for a Tenner and why should you be jumping up and down to get involved?


3rd March, 2016

Useful Content Is Good Marketing

Providing useful content for the visitors to your website is good marketing practice, when you share useful and informative website content that your business owns you are doing good things for your potential and existing customers. You are helping those that read it and showing that you really do know what you are talking about.


2nd March, 2016

The End Of Peterborough Light Project

For those that haven’t seen the previous blog posts about Peterborough Light Project, it was an event organised in Peterborough from the beginning of December right through until the start of March, today. The event held up to 14 homeless people in Peterborough each night, giving them a place to sleep, an evening meal, a place to wash and breakfast. 

1st March, 2016

What To Post In March

Every month we take the time to wet your appetites and get your creative juices flowing for things you can post about on social media. They’re only a few tips and pointers but they will help you get social on social media – instead of shouting your sales messages at those that are connected with you on social media. 

29th February, 2016

Using Your Facebook Profile For Business

As many of us know, or will have found out further to a ‘telling off’ from the Facebook powers that be – you cannot use your personal facebook page to promote your business, services and products continuously. Facebook has a policy against this and if they find you are doing it they will email you telling you to stop and to set up a fan page or business page to promote your business there.

28th February, 2016

Keywords In Web Copy

When it comes to website copy it’s important that you include keywords, but this is not always as easy as it sounds. Enter too many keywords and you may get penalised for keyword stuffing in your website copy, enter too few keywords and Google may not realise the keywords that you want to be found for – it’s tricky ground to getting it right. But we have put together some tips for you;

7th February, 2016

Blog Package Benefits

Here at Creative Content Company we have a team of copy writers and bloggers who can create blog posts for your business and your website, on your behalf. There are loads of benefits of booking a blogging package with us and below we have listed just some of these benefits;

6th February, 2016

Need Help Writing Website Copy?

If you’re a business owner you may have experience in writing copy for sales letters, copy for introduction emails, copy for brochures, copy for email newsletters and so much more but what many people do not realise is that writing copy is different to writing content for any other needs.

5th February, 2016

What Would You Do For A Tenner?

If someone walked into your business right now and offered for ten pounds for something, what could you give them? Would you lower the price of a product you already sell or could you create a new product or service that could be available for ten pounds?

4th February, 2016

Keywords In Content

It is essential that you put keywords in your website copy, throughout your copy. You don’t want to put too many keywords in your website copy, as this can be classed as keyword stuffing and Google can penalise you for doing this. Instead you just need to include enough keywords in your website copy to take full advantage of organic search traffic through search engines like Google.

3rd February, 2016

How NOT To Blog

We give you lots of tips for how you can blog, what you can blog about, tips for blogging and why you should blog regularly – but we very rarely tell you what you shouldn’t do when blogging. This blog post will do exactly that, here are some guidelines on how you should definitely not blog;

2nd February, 2016

What To Post In February

Another new month and more great ideas for posts for your social media accounts that will get your fans, followers and connection engaging with you so you can build a relationship with them. Notepads at the ready; Let’s Go!

1st February, 2016

Getting Your Homepage Copy Right

We’ve spoken before about website copy being completely different to any other copy, but when it comes to difficulty, the home page is often the most difficult web copy a business will ever have to right. There is a lot you want to get across, but if you try and get it all across on the homepage you’re going to leave the visitor to your website feeling like a rabbit caught in the headlights. 

31st January, 2016

Do You Search On Twitter?

A few years ago, when Creative Content Company was first born and I was still working from my desk in my bedroom, I contacted some local magazines and offered to write a free article for them. The article I wrote for Hampton Gazette was about the search icon on Twitter.

30th January, 2016

Email Newsletter Strategy

If you send email newsletters to your subscriber list and target audience it is a good idea to have a strategy in place to ensure ultimate success from your business email newsletters. We have created a list of top tips for you to follow when it comes to email newsletter strategy and direct marketing tips, these are as follows;

29th January, 2016

The SEO Copywriting Trick

If you’re not sure where to start when writing a blog post, or how to create a blog post that is engaging then this could be the blog post for you. It lists what your blog post needs to be, what you need to include and what you need to think about when writing a blog post.

28th January, 2016

A Blog Needs To Be...

If you’re not sure where to start when writing a blog post, or how to create a blog post that is engaging then this could be the blog post for you. It lists what your blog post needs to be, what you need to include and what you need to think about when writing a blog post.

27th January, 2016

What Can Good Web Content Do?

We have previously spoken about what your website content should be doing for you and your business, but have you ever thought about what good website content can do for your business? There are too many things to list if we’re honest, but below we have explained the main things that good website content can achieve for your business.

26th January, 2016

What Does Regular Blogging Achieve?

As many of you will know, here at Creative Content Company we are always encouraging businesses to post regular blog posts and news articles onto their website, but what does posting regular blogs actually achieve for businesses and their websites. In this blog post we will answer exactly that;

25th January, 2016

What Should Web Content Do For You?

In this article we talk about what your website content needs to do. Some people aren’t quite sure why they need content on their website because they don’t understand what good quality website content can achieve for a business and its website.

24th January, 2016

How Is Your Content Shared?

Here at Creative Content Company we are always banging on at you to make sure you update your websites regularly with weekly or twice weekly blog posts that keep your website active and are interesting for visitors to your website. However, one you have written and uploaded your blog post - what can you do next?

23rd January, 2016

Social Media Stats

When it comes to social media management and social media training we like to think we’ve got it sussed, we are always researching what others are doing and learning about the new and latest social media trends and how we can help our clients achieve more through social media but even we were surprised with some of these stats.

22nd January, 2016

Wins All Round With Guest Blogging

Guest blogs are blog posts on a website that have not been written by the business the blog belongs to, but by another business in maybe the same industry or a similar business. Guest blogging can be a win – win - win situation for the blog owner, the blog post writer and the reader.

21st January, 2016

Great Business Website Content

When it comes to writing for the web, it is completely different to any other types of writing. People want to be able to skim through website content, they don’t want to read it at great length and there is always another article or business that can answer their questions just a few clicks away.

20th January, 2016

Social Media Genders

I work very closely with, and have a lot of respect for Katie Hart of Rhetonic and I was interested to see some research that she came across in regards to the genders that use social media. Katie is a gender marketing expert and often posts about some very interesting topics on social media and her blog. 

19th January, 2016

Latest Twitter Changes

As we all know, the world is ever evolving and this is truer in the online digital world and social media. Each social media channel wants to be better than the others and therefore makes continuous improvements to make the user experience of the social media platform better. IN this article we have a look at the latest changes made by Twitter.

18th January, 2016

Facebook Reactions Are Coming

Do you struggle getting across how much you want to express your happiness, anger or surprise on Facebook? Well you’ll be pleased to know this is all to change ‘pretty soon’ – in the words of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg who have recently been trialling the new feature in Spain and Ireland.

17th January, 2016

Creating Friendly Newsletters

If you’re looking to create friendly email newsletters for your business that are eagerly anticipated then this is the blog post for you, we have put together some top tips for creating a friendly newsletter that will be loved;

16th January, 2016

Are You A Twitter VIP?

Have you noticed fewer adverts on your Twitter account? If you have then congratulations, you’re a VIP. However, if you have not noticed any changes and seen the same amount of adverts on your Twitter feed then sadly you are not a Twitter VIP.

15th January, 2016

The Full Package

Here at Creative Content Company we offer social media management, we offer newsletter creation and we also offer content creation for websites – however we can also offer all of these things together, but how can this help you and your business... even if you don’t use us for the full package?

14th January, 2016

Quality Content

When the Google spiders come and search your website to see how high your website should rank on search engines for your keywords they will be looking at the quality of the website content making sure it offers something to visitors to your website and is different to competitors.


13th January, 2016

What's The Point In Case Studies?

You may have noticed on some websites they have a page of Case Studies, this may be something you have seen on a competitors website, a clients website or even on the website of someone you were looking at buying from and now you’re wondering how and if they could work for your business.


12th January, 2016

How To Make Your Gallery Better

If your business sells a service that you can take photos of, for example a trades business, or your business sells products then a gallery may be an additional page you would like to have on your website, but why leave it as just pictures? In this blog post we will tell you how you can make your gallery better;


11th January, 2016

Want A Back-Up Of Blogs?

Like many business owners you may have set yourself a goal as the New Year came in and that goal may have been to update your website more, or even to start a blog on your website. Of course when you set yourself a goal like this it may seem easy… but as work picks up, it becomes more of a challenge.

10th January, 2016

What Loss Leader Can You Offer?

As many of you know, I am running the Sport Relief 3 mile and I have recently signed up for ‘Couch to 5k’ to help me - it’s a running training program that helps those ‘couch potatoes’ run 5k by using a 5k running program.


But why am I talking about it here, on a business blog?

9th January, 2016

Blog Page Or News Page

Here at Creative Content Company we are often asked by business owners if they should have a News Page on their website, a Blog Page on their website or a News Page and a Blog Page on their website so we thought we would but this blog post together to help answer the question.

8th January, 2016

How To Get Testimonials

Testimonials are a really important part of business, they confirm who you are as a business, what you do as a business, how you help customers and how good you are at what you do. Many potential customers will spend time looking at your business and what you do, before checking out what people say about you and only then, if they are completely happy, will they contact you.

7th January, 2016

A Beginners Guide To LinkedIn

Most of us will have set up a LinkedIn account at some time; LinkedIn is one of the oldest business social media platforms there are and at some point all of us will have looked into it or set up an account with it – but are we all still using it?


For many of us, the answer is no!

6th January, 2016

Why Do You Have A Facebook Business Page?

We meet lots of business owners that have Facebook Business pages but they’re not really sure why they have them or what they should be doing with them. The real question for business owners we often ask, is “What are you trying to achieve from your Facebook business page. Sadly the answer is often that ‘someone’ told them they needed a Facebook page, so they got one.

5th January, 2016

We Are Doing Sport Relief

As many of you will know, here at Creative Content Company we are extremely focused on charity and the community – however, those of you that know me will know I am not terribly focused on exercise and definitely not focused or passionate in any way about running... yet I have signed up for Sport Relief.

4th January, 2016

Is Your Keyword In Your URL?

Experts have proven that having your keyword in your url will help your website gain a high ranking on search engines like Google. This has been much debated, but if you do not currently have a url / domain name and are thinking of the best one for you it may be worth sticking a keyword in it as a chance for extra bonus points / Google love. 

3rd January, 2016

National Volunteer Blood Donor Month

January is National Volunteer Blood Donor Month and we wanted to remind you that we’ blog for blood’ – we want to encourage our fans and followers to give blood and help save hundreds, thousands or even one life!



2nd January, 2016

Our New Year's Resolutions

As its January it is only expected that we would set some New Year’s Resolutions for the business, many other business owners are doing exactly the same thing but maybe all other businesses are going as public as we are. 


1st January, 2016

What To Post In January

We are back again with some tips, pointers and ideas of inspiration so you can come up with posts for your social media profiles. These are just ideas to get your creative juices flowing, you can use the dates and special day and come up with your own posts or you can use our post ideas and come up with some of your own too!


31st December, 2015

Keywords On Page

One important part to note in the Google Algorithms are the keywords on the page – this isn’t just putting the keywords in the title tags (which is super important), but they also need to be in the website page content too, to help you gain that extra Google love.


2nd December, 2015

What To Post In December

As regular readers of our blog posts will know, we like to help you out with ideas and inspiration of what you can post on social media platforms and this month is no different – although some find December easier to post in because there is so much to talk about, what with Christmas and all!

1st December, 2015

Get Christmassy Social

We don’t normally recommend you continue changing profile pictures on social media forums as people will connect with your photo or image and get used to seeing it on social media, but then Christmas comes along so why not have a little bit of fun and get Christmassy social? It’s really easy and super quick too!

30th November, 2015

Newsletters Are Like Social Media

Newsletters and very similar to social media in many ways, if you don’t do anything on social media people will unfollow you and no longer be a fan of your page or just forget about you. The same can be said for newsletters, people will just forget about you if you don’t keep sending email newsletters for your business.

29th November, 2015

Uniqueness Of Page Content

Here at Creative Content Company we don’t like to be those people that jump on the band wagon and follow the trend, but when it comes to Black Friday – we also didn’t want to miss out on all the fun and we don’t want our fans, followers, clients and contacts to either, so we have created a Black Friday special offer.

28th November, 2015

Black Friday Special Offer

Here at Creative Content Company we don’t like to be those people that jump on the band wagon and follow the trend, but when it comes to Black Friday – we also didn’t want to miss out on all the fun and we don’t want our fans, followers, clients and contacts to either, so we have created a Black Friday special offer.

27th November, 2015

Increasing Brand Awareness With Social Media

If you want to use social media to humanise your brand, drive traffic to your website and increase the awareness of your brand and business then this is the blog post for you. We have put together some top tips for increasing your brand awareness with social media.

26th November, 2015

Reasons To Outsource Your Content Writing

The content writing team here at Creative Content Company have put together what we think are the top reasons businesses should chose to outsource their content writing requirements. This list is by no means complete, they are just the reasons we think are best, for outsourcing content writing needs.

25th November, 2015

Keyword Stuffing

Previously search engines were not very robust, there were lots of cheeky and naughty things you could to that will help your website get higher up the rankings on search engines. However, over the years search engines have become more robust and advanced which means you can no longer trick search engines like you could before.

24th November, 2015

Light Project Peterborough

2 wonderful volunteers called Sue & Arnie have created the Light Project Peterborough; this is where 7 churches will each be open 1 night a week from 5th Dec until 29th Feb for the night, offering a place for homeless people of Peterborough to sleep. It’s an incredible project in which I have volunteered for, as a Volunteer for one shift a fortnight and last week I had my training.

23rd November, 2015

The 3 Values Of Social Media

Sometimes business owners find it tricky and challenging to clearly define the real value of social media, and this is a challenge in itself but we know one thing for sure. When you use social media correctly for your business it can often be the most powerful and cost-effective marketing tool available to you.

22nd November, 2015

Outsourcing Web Content Helps Find Your Voice

There are many reasons that business owners choose to outsource their website content writing to a website content writing company or a website copywriter. Sometimes the reason the website content writing work is outsourced is due to a lack of time, or a lack of knowledge as to what to write and how to write it.

21st November, 2015

Email Marketing Stats To Scare You

We don’t like to scare our fans, followers and visitors to our website – but sometimes we come across some pretty scary statistics that we feel our audience just need to see, however scary they may be but don’t worry because this scary story has a happy ending!

20th November, 2015

Are You Working With A Web Designer?

When you are working with a web designer on planning your new website there are two very important things you need to consider; these are the design of website and the content of the website. These are both skills which need creativity and require specialist knowledge so you can maximise the effectiveness on your website – but how can you get both?

19th November, 2015

Making Your Newsletter A 'Must Read'

Regular email newsletters are a really effective way of keeping in touch with your existing clients while getting your brand out to a wider target audience. People often sign up to newsletters because they want to be inspired and kept up to date with the latest industry news.

18th November, 2015

Web Designers & Writers Working Together

Here at Creative Content Company our team of website copywriters very often work hand in hand with website designers in Cambridgeshire and across the UK, we don’t say we are from Creative Content Company – instead we say we are from the web design company, but what are the benefits of that?

17th November, 2015

Why Use Hootsuite?

It often feels like the team here at Creative Content Company live and breathe Hootsuite. I’m not sure a day goes by when we don’t talk about it or recommend it to someone that is not using it, and we are using it at least once a day – but why? Why use Hootsuite?

16th November, 2015

You Need To Sign Up For Our Newsletter

If you are interested in blogging services, SEO content for your website, social media training, social media management or some content for your newsletter then you need to sign up for our newsletter right now because we have some incredible special offers coming out in December – for the festive period only.

15th November, 2015

Web Designers & Copywriters Working Together

The solution to giving clients a great website with great content, that is SEO optimised is very simple. From the outset the website designer and the website copywriter need to work together, even if they are not based in the same office the two need to have open lines of communication. Here at Creative Content Company, this is exactly what we offer web designers.

14th November, 2015

Blogging For Business Is Important

Regardless of if you are a start up business, a small to medium enterprise or a multinational company, you will find that blogging is an integral part of your online marketing strategy. In this blog post we hope to be able to explain why blogging for your business is so important;

13th November, 2015

How Does Informal Networking Work?


At all three of our #CreativeNetworking events we have informal networking as part of the networking in Peterborough, but why? What is informal networking, how does it work and why does it work?

12th November, 2015

Just How Popular Is Social Media?

Looking at social media this autumn we were keen to see just how popular social media is – after all, it’s a large part of what our business does so it’s important to know if it’s still popular or not. There are loads of rumours that LinkedIn has died, Facebook is dying and people are leaving Twitter – so let’s have a look at what the statistics say;

11th November, 2015

Has Email Marketing Died?

Here at Creative Content Company we sell newsletter creation and newsletter design as a service, but do email newsletters work or has email marketing actually died a death? Firstly, the team at Creative Content Company only sell what they believe in – if we don’t think that something works then we won’t sell it. 

10th November, 2015

Why Should I Blog For My Small Business?

We are often asked by small business owners, why they should blog for their business. It’s an understandable question, as a small business owner you already have loads going on and blogging can often be an additional chore on the ‘to-do’ list.