You will have seen in our blog posts that we share a lot of blog topics and post ideas. This is because blogging is such an important and great way of boosting the presence of your business online. It helps with your SEO and gives you great content for social media, newsletters and printed materials too. Below you will see that we have shared some blog post ideas to promote your small business. Have a look and see which topics appeal to you and could work for your business.

  • Achievements

Write blog posts about significant achievements you’ve had in your business. This could be landing a new client, receiving an incredibly testimonial or winning an aware for example. Show off these achievements in your blogs to show your target audience just how great you and your small business are.

  • Evolving

Your business, services and or products will have evolved over time. Use your blog post to talk about how you and your business has evolved. This could be in the form of a timeline blog post that includes the reasons that things have evolved. Finish the blog by saying how the business has improved further to evolving.

  • Future Evolving

As well as blog posts to promote your small business and how it has evolved, why not take about how it will achieve. What are you doing in the future to evolve your business, products or services? Tell your target audience what you are up to and what they can expect to see soon. Let them know the future developments, how they will better the customer experience and when they can be expected.

  • Environmentally Friendly

In this day and age, consumers love to purchase from businesses that are environmentally friendly. This is a huge topic of discussion and a big factor in buyers’ decisions. Think about what your business does to be environmentally friendly and write a blog about it. If there are other or new ways that you can be more environmentally friendly, input these into your business and talk about them in blog posts too.

These are just four blog post ideas to promote your small business. They are more personal to your business. These blogs will help to promote your small business and show your audience why they need to buy from you.

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