When people move home one of the first services that they look for is a window cleaner. If they find a good window cleaner they will keep them, for months or even years. This regular visit leads to neighbours seeing the window cleaner, which can turn into new customers and more business. So, how can you make sure your window cleaning business is found when potential customers look for one in the local area? This is where our blog post ideas for window cleaners comes in.

Below we have listed a selection of blog post ideas for window cleaners. These are SEO friendly blog post ideas that will help get you found on search engines like Google. You can use them yourself or you can speak to our SEO blog writers in Peterborough to create the content for your website for you.

So, let’s look at our blog post ideas for window cleaners.

  • Why Get Your Windows Cleaned In (Season)

This would be a series of four blog posts with one for each season. Use the season to talk about why people should have their windows cleaned then. What are the benefits of that season? Maybe it’s the spring clean, letting in as much natural light as possible into the home in winter and so on.

  • Window Cleaner In (Area)

This also needs to be a series of blog posts and will help you get found in the local areas you want work. You can try a wide range of different blog post titles. For example, why you need a window cleaner in Hampton. You can then have the benefits of a professional window clean in Dogsthorpe or how to book a window clean service in Bretton. Think about the different titles you can use, and the local areas you want more work.

  • The Dangers Of Window Cleaning

In this blog post you can share the dangers of window cleaning if they were to do it themselves. This could include the risk of working at height or the damage that could be caused to the home or window for example. Look up the statistics for injuries and accidents caused by homeowners cleaning their own windows.

These are just a few ideas to get you going with blog posts for your window cleaning business. If you need help with some more blog post ideas, then let us know. Alternatively, our SEO content writers can create the blog posts for you.