Do you own a venue and want to boost your SEO? Maybe you want to be found more on search engines, but you’re not sure how. One way of doing this is with blog posts. Blog posts are like articles that go on your website. They will be no less than 300 words and talk about your venue, the benefits of your venue and such like. Blog posts are a great way of keeping your website fresh and up to date, while boosting your SEO and traffic to your website. In this blog post we share some blog post ideas for venues that you are welcome to use yourself.

If you like our ideas but you’re not sure how to use them or don’t have the time, contact our Peterborough blog writers. We can write the blog posts for you, and give you some more blog post ideas too.

  • Why Book Our Venue For Weddings In (area)

This blog post will talk about why the reader should book your venue for their wedding. You could include the amount of people it holds, places for photos, food served, dancefloor and so on. The great thing about including the geographical area is that Google will pick up that you are a wedding venue in that local area. This blog post can also be used for parties, christenings, surprise parties, anniversaries, award ceremonies, Christmas parties and more. Think about ways that you can change up the title slightly to make the blog posts different. For example, Reasons our (event) venue in (area) is great for you, why our (event) venue is great for your (event) in (location).

  • The Perfect Food / Drink / Music For Your (Event) in (Area)

Similar to the last selection of blog post ideas for venues, these are different topics. They give you a chance to promote the food and drink you have. These ideas will also help portray yourself and your business as an event expert. For example, you can talk about welcome drinks, the importance of them and what different welcome drinks signify. The same can be done for food, or music. Think about what other topics can be used for these types of blog post ideas for venues and use these too.

  • (Event) Planning Tips

This could be tips for planning a Christmas Party, organising a wedding, creating an awards ceremony and so on. By sharing tips you will be helping your audience. This will then help you come across as that helpful and knowledgeable friend. Again you will be portraying yourself as an industry expert. Further to this, you can promote your venue as the perfect venue for this type of event too. Make sure you add in the extra help or support you can offer too.

These are just some blog post ideas for venues. If you would like more ideas or help writing blog posts for your business, call our bloggers. We will be only too happy to help with blog brainstorming or blog writing.