In this blog post we share blog post ideas for travel agents, as we want to help them. There are a lot of travel agents out there. Each one offers holidays, but to varying budgets and levels. However, how can a holiday buyer know to choose you instead of someone else? Why should they choose you instead of a high street travel agent for example? Is there a benefit from a high street holiday agent, instead of someone that works for a franchise? 

You may know the answer, but your target audience might not. This is why travel agents need blog posts. These will help you get found on Google as they boost your SEO, but they’ll also help consumers gain a better understanding of why they should use you.

Below we share blog post ideas for travel agents. If you are a travel agent, holiday agent or travel consultant, feel free to use these ideas. They are available at no charge. You can use them as they are or as inspiration for other blog post ideas. If you need help writing these blog posts for your travel agents, then call our team of blog writers. They’ll be only too happy to help.

·         Where To Go In (Season)

This should be a series of blog posts. It should cover the best places to go as a family in the easter holidays, half term and the summer holidays. This would be three individual blog posts. Then you can have the best places for a Christmas Market. Why not talk about the best places to see in the new year too? Think about the reasons people go away in a season and create a blog post around that.

·         What To Look For From A Travel Agent?

This is your chance to promote everything you do. Think about all the great things that you can offer consumers. Include this in the blog post as to why people should choose you. This could include someone that works from home, so they’re always contactable. It could be someone with a large company behind them, so if the worst happens, they are in safe hands.

·         Why Travel To …

These blogs could make a great series. Start off with all the places you have visited. Talk about what you did there, where you stayed, the flight time and recommendations. Once you have done all the places you have been to, talk about places you have sent customers. Share their reviews and feedback in the blog post too. These sort of blog post ideas for travel agents shows that you are experienced and have awareness of multiple holiday locations.

Need help creating these blog post ideas for your travel agents? Call our team of bloggers now.