Everyone loves sweets. Some of us prefer old fashioned sweets while others prefer American candies. Whatever your preference, there will be times when you want to order sweets online, instead of traipsing around the shops. With sweets available on sites like Amazon and eBay it’s important that your sweet shop is found online.

Consumers want to shop local, but they need to be able to find you so they can shop locally. One way of doing this is by boosting your online presence. You can boost your online presence with blog posts. In this blog we share some blog post ideas for sweet shops. These will help you when writing your own blog posts. However, if you need help writing the blogs, just ask our bloggers in Peterborough. They can turn these blog posts ideas for sweet shops into blogs for your website.

·         Hamper Sweets

Why not recommend sweet hampers as presents for loved ones. Use all the special dates and occasions such as weddings, easter, valentines, Mother’s Day and more. Think about red sweets and hearts for valentines or flowers and similar for Mother’s Day. For easter you can talk about easter eggs and too much chocolate. Recommend a sweet hamper instead. This could be a series of blog posts shared before each upcoming special occasion.

·         Sweet Names

Talk about the names of sweets in days gone past and what they are called now. For example, Starburst and Opal Fruits, Marathon and Lion bar, and so on. You could do another blog post about different versions of sweets or nicknames for sweets you sell. These can all help with SEO searches when people are looking for their favourite sweets but aren’t sure what they’re called.

·         Recipes

Why not share recipes using some favourite chocolate bars and sweets that you sell in store. This will encourage people to try out the recipes. It’s likely that they will buy the sweet product they need from you too. These recipes could include fudge, ice cream, milkshakes and more. They don’t need to be complicated. Remember to share photos as these will go down a storm on social media too.

Like our blog post ideas for sweet shops? Need help writing these blog post ideas for your sweet shops? Contact our bloggers in Peterborough now. They’ll be only too happy to help you boost your online presence with blogging. We can also offer social media posting, where we post on social media platforms on your behalf. This could save you lots of time while keeping you active online.