Self storage companies are popping up everywhere. There doesn’t seem to be any sign of this growth stopping soon as self storage is a service people need. Everyone moves house at some stage. Many people need storage for their business, when loved one’s pass, if they travel the world for a while or want to renovate the house. However, with so many self storage businesses out there, how can your self storage business stand out from the crowd?

This is why we have put together these blog post ideas for self storage companies. You can use these titles to create your own blog posts. Alternatively, you can speak to our content writing team about writing the blog posts for your self storage company. These are just some ideas to get you started, if you need any more you can book a blog brainstorming session with us.

  • Why Homeowners Need Self Storage?

Talk about the different reasons that home owners need self storage units and how they use them. Include the benefits that they have experienced, etc. The same can then be done for students and business owners. For example, why business owners need self storage and why students need self storage.

  • Why Self Storage Units Are Better Than …

There are lots of different alternatives to self storage units. In this series of blog posts, you could talk about the other options, such as your loft, shed or garage, hiring a warehouse and similar. You can then share the benefits of self storage compared to loft storage which could damage your home, a warehouse that is expensive and has long-term contracts or a shed where things could become damaged. Each self storage alternative could be in the title. For example, why self storage units are better than hiring a warehouse.

  • What Is A Self Storage Facility?

There are still some people that don’t know what a self-storage facility is. This blog post gives you a chance to educate your audience. In turn, you will become their helpful friend who they know they can turn to with any questions that they have.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

Think about the questions you are asked in emails, on the phone or through social media. These are all questions that your target audience have about self storage. Each question is a great blog post idea for your self storage company. If people are asking you, chances are they are googling the question too. When you have a blog with the question as the title, it is your business that will answer the question for them.

Want help writing these blog post ideas for your self storage business? Maybe you’d like some more ideas like this? Call our bloggers in Peterborough now.