If you are a recruitment consultant keen to show yourself as a leader, to your clients and candidates, then you may want to try this through blogging. Blogging allows you to set yourself as an industry expert. Clients and candidates can view your blog posts via your website or Linkedin as an article. Over time you will become the recruitment consultant that people turn to, and recommend.

If the lack of blog posts ideas is what is holding you back, then you have come to the right place. We have put together five blog post ideas for recruitment consultants.

These blog post ideas for recruitment consultants can be used by you for free. It doesn’t matter if your competitor has decided to use these blog post ideas for recruitment consultants too. This is because every blog post is different, because every recruitment consultant is different.

The Importance Of A Good CV

In this blog post talk about the importance of spell checking and grammar checking the CV. Ensuring that it is up to date and that your relevant skills and experiences are highlighted in the CV. Talk about ways to make the CV stand out and what a ‘Good CV’ means.

What Is A Recruitment Retainer?

Start this blog post by explaining what a recruitment retainer is. Then go on to talk about the benefits of a recruitment retainer. Round up this blog post by explain why you offer a recruitment retainer and how it helps your clients.

Top 10 Things To Consider When…

This could b a series of blog posts that follow on from each other. For example you could start with top 10 things to consider when expanding your team. The follow on blog could be top 10 things to consider when interviewing. Alternatively you could have the top 10 things to consider when looking at a CV and so on. The options are endless!

5 Ways To Get Back Into Work After Having Kids

You can approach this blog post in different ways. This blog could do a checklist that talks about what mums need to do to prepare to go back to work. However, you could also talk about different jobs they could do around school runs, etc. Alternatively you could this blog post as a motivational / confidence boost for the reader, with examples of other mums’ stories.

How We Help In House Recruitment Teams

This blog enables you to show off what you can do for in-house recruitment teams to help. A blog like this can be a list of things you do and how it benefits the in-house recruitment teams. You can also spread out other similar blog posts; eg: staff retention, candidates, clients, HR departments, etc.

If you like the blog post ideas for recruitment consultants but don’t have time to write them yourselves then speak to us. We can write your blog posts for you, and nobody needs to know!