Are you a recruiter looking to add blogs to your website? Many recruitment agencies have a blog page on their website but have no blogs on it. Their web designer will have said they need blogs to boost their SEO. However, due to lack of time, skill, or blog post ideas for recruiters – the blog page has remained empty.

This is where we can help. In this blog post we share blog post ideas for recruiters. These are blog topics that will help get your creative juices flowing. If time is the issue, or you don’t have the skills to write these blogs for your recruitment business, then why not speak to our team of bloggers? Our blog writers can create the content for your blog posts for you.

·         How To Get Into Jobs

A lot of people will want to know how to get into their dream job. Why not give steps, tips or advice to help people bag their dream job? You could share job roles that will help them gain experience. The reader could then apply for these roles, if you include a link to the roles you are hiring for. This could be a series of blog posts with varying titles. For example, how to get into a marketing role, the experience you need to be an IT consultant, the career ladder of a warehouse manager, and so on.

·         Interview Tips

This can also be a series of blog posts to help candidates every step of the way. You could have a blog post for the CV tips and tips for cover letters too. Next, tips for the phone interview, interview with the recruiter or the first in-person interview for example. You could then have questions to ask at interviews or questions to prepare for. These are all ways that you can help candidates land that dream job. It will also show potential job hunters that you are there to help them. This creates the feel of a ‘helpful friend’ which we believe is really helpful when it comes to blogging and building relationships.

·         Cup Of Tea With…

This style of blog post is a really nice way of being more personal with your reader. You could have interviews (themed around a catch up over coffee) with the people in your team, current hiring managers or people that work in high positions. Have a set of questions such as their experience, what they’re looking for and their advice.

If you need help creating the content for these recruitment blog posts then call our content writers now. We will happily create blog posts for these topics. Alternatively, we can have a blog brainstorming session to come up with blog topics unique to your business.