If you are a private tutor looking for blog post ideas then you have come to the right place. In this blog post we have put together three blog post ideas for private tutors. These can be used by you completely free of charge.

However if you love the ideas but haven’t got the skills, passion or time to write the blog posts – then we can be your Peterborough bloggers for you.

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1. My Child Hates School, Could A Private Tutor Help?

In this blog post discuss the fact that no child hates school unless they have a reason to hate school. They could have learning difficulties that have not been picked up in a classroom of 30+ students but a 1-2-1 session with a tutor doctor could be where this is spotted. Explain that personal classes will be designed to suit your child’s need so they will enjoy them.

2. How Can A Tutor Doctor Benefit My Child?

Use this blog post to talk about the benefits of a private tutor and how they can help a child. Explain that there will always be some areas where your child struggles. Discuss how a private tutor can help them grow in this area.

3. How Can I Help My Child With Exam Stress?

This would be a friendly and helpful blog post for parents of children going through exams. It will share tips to help parents to support a struggling or stressed child. At the end of this blog post we would suggest that you talk about your service support of exam preparation and revision.

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