Are you a pet sitter looking to boost your online presence? Maybe you want more people to find you on line? Perhaps you want more great content to share online and in flyers. This is something that blog posts can do. Below we share some blog post ideas for pet sitters that you can use to promote your pet sitting business online.

  • What Is A Pet Sitter?

Talk about what a pet sitter is and what they do. Do pet sitters visit daily or do they stay in your home? Include any experience or qualifications that you have in pet sitting. This will help set you aside from the competition.

  • Why You Need A Pet Sitter For…

This could be a series of blog posts. You could have why you need a pet sitter for summer holidays, for Christmas parties, Halloween and Bonfire Night for example. The title of this blog post will help your target audience find you on Google when they need a pet sitter for these events or reasons.

  • Local Walks

If you are a pet sitter for dogs in the local area, share popular walks in the local area. Snippets of this blog post can then be shared on social media with photos of you walking these routes with dogs in your care.

  • Pet Sitting vs …

Compare pet sitting to having a friend pop in, to a cattery or to the kennels for example. Again, this can be a series of blog posts. This will help your audience understand the differences of care options and the benefits of your pet sitting services.

  • Pet Care Tips

These blog post ideas of pet care for pet sitters are a great way of portraying yourself as someone in the know. You can share ways of introducing new pets, home entertainment while you’re out, grooming tips and more. These will show your experience and knowledge as a pet sitter.

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