Are you a business owner that has hit a brick wall when it comes to blog post ideas? You are not alone! Lots of business owners free up a day to blog about their business, but when they sit down in front of a blank screen, nothing comes to them. This is why we offer a blog post ideas service as well as blog writing in Peterborough.

In this blog post we have given you an example of what we can do. We have put together 3 blog post ideas for personalised doormat suppliers. We have chosen an ‘unusual’ business, more of a niche industry because we want to show that there are blog post ideas out there for every industry.

If you know a company that supply custom doormats to businesses then please share these blog post ideas for personalised doormat suppliers with them. These blog post ideas for personalised doormat suppliers can be used by all businesses in this industry, because everyone will have a different take on the topic, but also a different voice and tone. This means no to blog posts will ever be the same.

  1. First Impressions Count

In this blog post we recommend that you talk about the importance of first impressions. Explain how this matters when it comes to new customers or clients coming to your office. Explain how a branded carpet mat can really impress a first time visitor and the effect this could have on a meeting with a new potential client.

  • Stop Muddy Footprints in The Office

Use this blog post to promote outside mats. Talk about how an outside mat can stop dirty footprints throughout the office and how this can reduce your cleaning costs and help your office flooring last longer too.

  • The Best Colour Logo Mat For You

Talk about the different colour logo mats that you offer and the best colours to welcome new guests, look less dirty / need less cleaning in heavy footfall areas, the best colours to go with logos and so on. 

If you would like us to be your blog writers in Peterborough or need some blog post ideas from us, please just shout.