When it comes to painters and decorators, word of mouth is always a great way of getting clients. That’s great if your clients know people. Your sign written van can help drum up more business too. But again, that relies on you being out and about. What about getting found online? In this blog we share blog post ideas for painters and decorators to help get you found online.

Whether people are stuck behind their desks at work, or at home watching TV in the evening – they will be looking online for your services when they need them. Being on social media and have a website is a great way of being seen by them. However, what about taking it one step further?

You can use out free blog post ideas for painters and decorators to boost your SEO. These posts can be shared in leaflets, local magazines and social media. They will help you get seen and direct more traffic to your website.

So, let’s look at some of our blog post ideas for painters and decorators. Have a look and see what you think. Remember, you can use the blog post ideas for painters and decorators yourself, or our Peterborough bloggers can write the blogs for you.

  • How To Find The Best Painter In

Your target audience will be searching the internet for a painter or decorator in their local area. By have the title of your blog post talking about your services in their local area, you will be found by them on Google. Think about all the local areas and create a series of blog posts with different titles and areas. For example, Finding The Best Painter In Hampton, Choosing The Right Decorator In Eye and How To Hire The Perfect Painter In Dogsthorpe. In these blogs, which must be different, you can include things that you excel at, for example good communication, great testimonials, experience, a gallery, etc.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

Think about the questions that your customers ask you. These can all be great bog post ideas for your business. If you are being asked these questions, chances are other people are asking Google the same question. By having the question as the title, you will capture these people who will be directed to your business by Google. These could include questions like how long the paint takes to dry, if they need to prepare the room or remove furniture. It could also be questions like why is my wall bubbling? Or should my paint be peeling and how many coats of paint do I need?

  • Best Colours For…

This is your chance to inspire your target audience and help them. These types of blog posts help show that you know what you are doing. You’re showing you are experienced in your trade. It could be a series of blog posts such as the Best Colours For Your Bathroom, The Ideal Colours For A Feature Wall or the Perfect Colours For A Nursery. You can then include pictures of rooms you have done in these colours / styles in the past.

Need help coming up with more blog posts ideas for your decorating or painting business? Call our team now. Don’t forget, if you need help writing the content for these blog post ideas for painters and decorators, speak to our blog writers.