The wedding season will soon be upon us. As will the summer fetes, festivals and fairs. This is a time of year when outside catering companies can pick up a lot of extra work. However, this work is only available if people know who you are or can find you online. Here at Creative Content Company, we can help you get found online. We can do this with blog posts.

In brief, and we are more than happy to go into more details, a blog post is a 300 to 600-word article that goes on your website. Ideally you will have a new blog on your website at least once a month. This helps Google see that you are an active business. They will then send more people to your website. The blogs will include keywords to get you found more on search engines too. In addition, the blogs will help you rank higher on search engines for your business name, industry and in the local area.

Wondering what you could blog about? Here are some blog post ideas for outside catering companies. Take a look and see what you think. If you need us to write the blog posts for you, just ask.

·         How Much Food Do I Need For My Wedding?

This blog can be written for weddings, company events, birthdays and anniversaries. It’s a chance to share your knowledge and experience. The blog shows the reader that you know what you are doing and have experience catering for events like theirs.

·         What Can Vegans Eat At Parties?

Just like the last blog post idea, this can be a series of blog post ideas. It gives you a chance to promote your menu and food options for various dietary requirements. This can include vegans, vegetarians, gluten-free and more. Think about the type of dietary requirements you cater for, and we can create a blog post for it.

·         The Benefits Of An Outdoor Catering Company

This blog post can talk about how you are cost-effective, flexible and able to work anywhere. Talk about why you are better than a hotel and their food, another food van or not having any food. This will help bookers in their decision process. You’ll also become that ‘trusted friend’ when it comes to choosing the right outdoor catering company for them.

Need help getting your outside catering company found online? Call our content writers in Peterborough now to see how we can help you with writing these blog post ideas for outside catering companies.