This blog post is full of blog post ideas for marketing companies. In theory this is a crazy blog post. Of course marketing companies know what blog posts to write. However, sometimes a marketing company is so good at coming up with ideas for clients, they struggle when it comes to them. Alternatively, they are so in their own business they forget what their audience might want to read.

We have put together a list of 5 blog post ideas for marketing companies. Any and all of the marketing companies can use these blog post ideas. This won’t mean that they are all the same. This is because every business, writer and blogger has their own take on the topics and titles below.

  1. What is a marketing mentor?

In this blog post talk about what a marketing mentor is and how a marketing mentor could help a business owner. Then go on to explain why every business should have a marketing mentor, the sorts of things that can be covered and then an idea of the cost (less than 1 costa coffee a week for example).

  • Marketing Over The Years

Use this blog post to talk about the fact that marketing is always changing. Look back when there was no such thing as the internet, or social media. Explain that many businesses use this as a way to promote themselves. Because of constant changes in marketing, you need to continually review your marketing so it updates and evolves with the ever-changing world.

  • Is Social Media For You?

Talk about the different social media platforms out there. Talk about how each one offers different benefits and has different audiences. Then talk about the important of social media and choosing the right one for your business, this may not be the one you like, but the one where your audience are.

  • The Importance of a Marketing Plan

In this blog post talk about what a marketing plan is and how it helps business owners. Talk about the fact it can help you focus, while not taking you off the core business focus. Explain it is a chance to step back from the business to put a plan into place, then bring in the right people to manage it while you run your own business.

  • You MOT Your Car, What About Your Marketing?

Every year you take your car into the garage for an MOT, but how often do you take your marketing plan in for an MOT? Just as there will be general wear and tear on your car there will be wear and tear on your marketing plan and your business too. Talk about the changes that may be needed from one ‘MOT’ to the next / the changes over a year.

We hope you found our blog post ideas for marketing companies useful. To order more ideas like this or to use us as your blog writers please drop us a line!