There are loads of make-up artists our there. Some of them are really good, some have loads of experience and others are new to the industry. As a make-up artist it is your job to stand out from the crowd. You need people to see that you are great at what you do. This is easier to do on social media. But, if people are looking on Google for make-up artists, you may find that blogs help. Here we share blog post ideas for make-up artists.

As a make-up artist, you can use these blog post ideas yourself or our bloggers can create the blog posts for you. These blogs will help you get found on Google. They will show how and why you are different from the competition. The blogs will also give you great content for newsletters, flyers, emails and social media.

So, what are our blog post ideas for make-up artists?

  • Tips And Tricks

Why not share tips and tricks for making make-up last longer, how to use make-up tools or tips for certain styles. Blog posts like these will help you come across as the helpful friend. They will also portray you as the expert in the industry that you are. This will help you build up trust with your target audience and when they need a make-up artist, they’ll know who to call!

  • Latest Make-Up Trends

Use these types of blog posts to show you that you are a make-up artist with your finger on the pulse. Talk about how eyebrow trends have changed over time, and lipstick shades for example. Review the make-up trends from the red carpet, strictly come dancing or dancing on ice. Think about what your target audience are into and make it relevant to that.

  • Why You Need A Professional Make-Up Artist For Your…

This would be a series of blog posts. It could include topics such as wedding, hen party, birthday, work party, awards ceremony and so on. Use the blog post to explain the benefits of a make-up artist for special occasions. This can include things like high-quality make-up and a long-lasting style for example.  Think why people come to you instead of doing their make-up themselves. Include these reasons in your blogs.

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