Here at Creative Content Company we write business blog posts for businesses from a wide array of industries. We write blog posts for businesses for various reasons. Sometimes the business doesn’t have time to write a blog post. Other times the business owner doesn’t know how to write a blog post

We also meet business owners that don’t know what to write blog posts about. So we help them. In this blog post we have put together 5 blog post ideas for insurance companies. These are blog post ideas for insurance companies that can be used for free. Yet, if you are still struggling creating regular blog posts then we can write them for you.

I’m A Sole Trader, Do I Need Business Insurance?

Use this blog to talk about the different types of insurance that a sole trader might need and how this insurance can protect them. Speak honestly about the sort of cost they can expect. This blog is for people that might not think they need insurance, so you’re telling them they do and that it’s not as much as they think.

What Insurance Does A Business Owner Need?

In this blog post talk about the risks that a business owner faces and the sorts of insurance they should consider to protect themselves, their business and their employees. Talk about worst case scenario so the reader understands the importance.

How Employee Benefits Increase Staff Retention

In this blog post you will talk about the benefits of employee benefits, how these can attract new talent but also retain staff. Then go on to talk about different employee benefits that an employer can offer and include some that you offer to clients.

Can I Use Normal Car Insurance For My Fleet Vehicles?

Use this blog post to educate the reader. Talk about the differences between standard personal car insurance and fleet vehicle insurance. Explain what they cover and the pros / cons of each option to enable the reader to make the right decision. You may want to use gentle guidance.

Common Insurance Mistakes To Avoid ….

This could be a series of blog posts. For example common car insurance mistakes to avoid, common insurance mistakes to avoid as a small business, common insurance mistake to avoid in your home and so. These will be bullet points of common mistakes people make, along with the solution.

If you’d like more blog post ideas for insurance companies then please contact us directly. We would be happy to blog brain storm with you.