Here at Creative Content Company we know that some business owners and HR Consultants struggle coming up with blog post ideas. They are often happy to write the blog posts themselves, but don’t know what to write about. Meanwhile there are other HR consultants out there that have no blog post ideas and no time to write the blog posts either!

This is why we put together a list of blog post ideas every now and again. These are always for a different industry or sector. This time we have put together 5 blog post ideas for HR consultants. Please feel free to write the blog posts yourself, or contact us to write these blog posts for you.

  1. Latest News

Listen to the news on the radio as you drive to work and check out the online newspapers on your lunch break. There will often be a news article about an unfair dismissal, employees being treated unfairly or rules being broken by an employer. These all offer excellent blog post titles. You can share the news story in brief and include a link back to the article in a newspaper. Then share your thoughts on the story and how your business helps a client in this situation, or how you can help businesses avoid this situation in their own business.

  • Benefits Of

Look at the different services you offer, such as recruitment, retention, employee engagement, sickness advice and more. Create a blog post titled ‘The Benefits Of…’ for each service you offer. Talk about how the service, done in the right way, can benefit the readers business, employees and customers, then link back to that service page on your website.

  • Top Tips For

Just like the ‘Benefits of…’ this can be a series of blog posts you can share on your website. For example you can have the Top Ten Interview Tips, Ten 5 Tips for Performance Management and Quick Top Tips for Employee Engagement. Just like this blog post, each is numbered; the sub title is a brief overview and underneath you go into a full explanation of the tip.

  • Flexible Working

Flexible Working seems to be the latest buzzword in HR. Everyone is talking about it. Create blog posts about flexible working, how to implement flexible working into a business, how flexible working works, the benefits of flexible working and so on. Each possible title / topic could be a blog post and then each one leads onto the next, always linking back to how you can help.

  • How To Handle A Difficult Employee

Once more, this would / could be a series of blog posts. For example each blog post handles a different type of difficult employee. How to handle a difficult employee: lateness, how to handle a difficult employee: long term sick, How to handle a difficult employee: underperforming and so on. Think of the reasons your clients think their employees and difficult and write a blog post with advice to help them handle ‘that’ difficult employee.