Are you a gardener looking to boost your SEO ranking? Maybe you want to freshen up your website? Perhaps you are keen to have some great content on your website that you can share on social media? Blogging is a great solution for this. However, sometimes it can be hard to come up with blog post ideas for gardeners.

As a gardener you are a professional. You are great at what you do, and your clients love you for it. However, sometimes you can be too far into your business. This means that you can struggle coming up with blog post ideas for your gardening business. But you don’t need to worry, help is at hand.

Here at Creative Content Company, we are professional blog writers in Peterborough. We love writing blog posts and coming up with blog post topics. Below is our list of blog post ideas for gardeners. These are free to use to writer blogs yourself. Or you can contact our team with the topic of your choice, and we will write the content for you.

So, here are our blog post ideas for gardeners:

  • How To Look After Your Garden In The Summer / Spring / Winter / Autumn

This could be a series of blog posts with one blog post per season. Share tips like plants and trees that need to be pruned, when seeds need to be planted, lawn cut, and the garden watered for example. Think about the services you offer to client’s gardens in the different seasons. Include these in your blog posts too.

  • Caring For Your Lawn In A Drought / Flood

The weather in the UK can be unpredictable. We will often have days of baking sunshine. Days of heavy rainfall will be just as likely too. Your target audience will be wondering how to keep their lawn in its best condition and care for it. They will ask Google, and with an SEO friendly blog post, your website will be found.

  • Ideal Gardens For Low Maintenance / Pets / Young Children/ Elderly / Patios

Just like the series of blogs looking at how to care for your garden during the different seasons, this is a series of blogs too. Think about your target audience. What are they looking for from your gardening services? Maybe they want to make it more child friendly? Perhaps they are aging and what something easy to care for? Create a blog post that talks about the best garden layout, plants, etc for their different needs or garden requirements.

These are just some blog post ideas for gardeners. If you would like any more blog topics ideas, just call our team of bloggers in Peterborough.