If you are the manager or social media manager of a football team, you might find that social media posting is easy. However, you might find that blogging is harder. After all, what can you talk about? You know blogging is important to boost the SEO of the football team and get the team known. It’s a great way to engage with your fans and supporters as well as the local community too. But coming up with blog post ideas for football teams can be tricky.

At least it was, until you came across this blog post full of blog post ideas for football teams. Read on and see what you think.

·         Team Interviews

Whether you have a new player or a player of the match, you can interview them. Maybe a player has had a good match or a bad match. Perhaps they are back injury or are starting time off for injury? Have a chat with them and turn it into a blog post. Talk about the player and their thoughts. This will show the real players of the team and help your fans and supporters better engage with the team.

·         Sponsorships

You will have companies that sponsor your football team. Their sponsorship can be what keeps the team going, financially. These companies need thanking for their financial support. After all, there are lots of other sports teams out there that they could support. So why not offer them something else. Have blogs about the sponsors. This could be about why they are sponsoring you, celebrating 1, 2 or 3 years of sponsoring you and more. Talk about their special deals for supporters only. Share why you are so grateful for their support too. This could help lead to even more companies supporting and sponsoring you. It will help with your sponsors being more loyal too.

·         Match Reviews

Shortly after or even during each match, why not share a match review. This is a great way to stay engaged with fans, even if they weren’t at the match on the day. You can talk about what went well, the player of the match and the final score. Maybe ask fans for their thoughts to include on the blog. When sharing snippets of the blog post on social media, ask for the fans’ thoughts. This will help boost the reach and awareness of your football team on social media.

These are just three blog posts ideas for football teams. If you’d like more blog post ideas that are more unique to you, why not book a blog brainstorming session? Alternatively, if you don’t have time to write the blog post, speak to our bloggers in Peterborough. We can do the research and write the blog content for you.