We work with a lot of clients that get writers block when it comes to blog post ideas. This is why we frequently share blog post ideas for different industries. We do this so business owners can create blog posts for themselves. However if they love the ideas but need someone to write the blog post for them, then we are here!

In this blog post we have put together a selection of blog post ideas for fitness instructors. If you know any fitness instructors please share this blog with them. Then they can use our blog post ideas for fitness instructors.

1. What Should I Wear To (Insert Class)

People that want to come to your class will want to know what to wear. They will often ask you by email or via social media. Alternatively the ‘not knowing’ will put them off attending your class. By having a blog post that talks about what to wear in the class and what to bring will really help put their mind at ease, and ensure all attendees are wearing the right clothes for your class.

2. What Are the Benefits of (Insert Class)

This is a chance to brag about all the wonderful benefits of your class. Talk about the fact it helps clients lose weight, improve flexibility, tone up, have fun, grow in confidence and more. Talk about everything that previous clients have gained.

3. Can (insert class) Help Me Lose Weight

Talk about the class and how it can help people lose weight. This could be through the actual exercise. However it could also be through the mind set change or the confidence boost for example. 

4. What does (insert class) involve

This is your chance to explain to the reader what they can expect from your class. If they’ll be stretching lots then tell then. If it is a hard core, high intensity class where they will sweat lots then make sure they know. Talk through what happens from the minute the class starts, right through to the end.

These are just 4 great blog post ideas for fitness instructors. Of course there are many, many more. If you’d like help with blog post ideas for your business just ask.