Here at Creative Content Company, we offer a blog post ideas service. You tell us the name of your business and your industry or keywords. Then we come up with ideas of blog post titles and topics for you. Having written content and blogs for many different industries overt the last ten years, we are yet to be stumped with an industry. In this blog we give you blog post ideas for estate agents.

  • Top Tips For Selling Your Home In…

This should be a series of blog posts that look at selling homes through the different seasons. For example, top tips for selling your home in summer, autumn, winter and spring. You could then have extra blog posts entitled top tips for selling your home at Christmas, during the summer holidays or at easter for example. Each time there will be different gems of information that your target audience will appreciate.

  • How To Move House With…

This is another series of blog post ideas for estate agents. You could have a blog post entitled how to move with cats, and then dogs. You could then have another on how to move house with young children or babies perhaps. Maybe a blog post on how to move house with elderly relatives too? Think about all the different struggles that your target audience might have. These blog posts can be created to help them.

  • Our Guide To…

These will often be loner blog posts as they go into more details. They could also be used in brochures for your target audience needing help in that area. For example, our guide to renting your property. You could have our guide to buying a home as a first-time buyer. There are lots of different blog post ideas for estate agents in this area. You could include our guide to upsizing, our guide to getting a mortgage, our guide to house hunting and so much more. Again, think about what your audience will want to know about.

  • Engaging Topics

Have a selection of blog posts that are light hearted and engaging too. This could include things like what the colour of your front door says about you, and which house numbers are more popular. These are blog posts that your audience will enjoy reading. They may also share the blogs with their friends online that have a certain door number or colour, for example.

  • Helpful Blogs

Again, think about your audience. If your target audience are first time buyers, then answer questions commonly asked by first time buyers. This could include blog topic ideas for estate agents such as what is a mortgage in principle, how to buy a home at auction, what to look for when viewing homes and more. Think about the questions you are asked by people online and in person. Use these as titles for your blog posts.

Would you like some more blog post ideas for estate agents? Maybe you would like some blog post ideas for your business or industry? Drop us a line or book a blog brainstorming session here. We look forward to helping your business achieve more online, with the help of blogs.