Every 10 days we put together blog post ideas for a different industry. This time we have put together three blog post ideas for dog trainers. These blog post ideas for dog trainers can be used by any dog trainers. The title can be exactly the same, or it can be changed slightly to suit your voice and tone. The reason your blog won’t be the same as all the other dog trainers is because you are giving your take on the topic and your thoughts.

Here at Creative Content Company we work with clients and business owners from a wide range of industries. Some of our clients use us because they don’t have time to blog for business. Others use us because they don’t know how to blog or don’t want to. However some clients come to us just for the ideas. They want to blog themselves but don’t have the ideas and we can give them the ideas.

Please see below for three blog post ideas for dog trainers;

  1. How Does Reward Based Training Work?

Use this blog post to explain what reward based training is and how it works. Explain how you can introduce reward based training for the dog and what the benefits of this are.

  • Can You Teach An Old Dog New Tricks?

In this blog post talk about the old saying, but how it actually works. Talk about the ways in which you can work with older dogs and how training works differently with an old dog to a puppy, for example.

  • From What Age Can A Dog Be Trained?

Talk about how excited a puppy is and how much mischief they can cause. Use the blog post to talk about the accidents and mischief that can be expected and how these can be avoided with simple tricks. Then explain what can be offered in your dog training sessions for young dogs.

If you’d like us to write a blog post for you on one of these topics just ask. Alternatively if you have another idea, or would like some other blog post ideas from us, you only have to ask!