In this blog post we have shared 3 blog post ideas for colleges offering apprenticeships. Here at Creative Content Company we know that some people in business just struggle coming up with ideas for blog posts. Meanwhile others just need someone to write the blog posts for them because they don’t have the time, passion or skill. We are here to help both types of people in business.

This blog post gives blog post ideas for colleges offering apprenticeships, however we frequently share blog post ideas for different businesses and industries. On top of these free blog post ideas as a service, we also offer blog post ideas as a service.

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Please see below for our blog post ideas for colleges offering apprenticeships. Feel free to use them yourself or share them with a company that needs them. Sharing is Caring!

  1. How Can An Apprentice Help My Business?

In this blog post we would suggest that you talk about the benefits of apprenticeships. Talk about the different skills the apprentices have. Also discuss the training or qualifications the apprentices are doing. Talk about the fresh pair of eyes and new views an apprentice will be to the business.

  • What Is A Traineeship?

Use this blog post to explain to the reader what a traineeship is. Talk about who completes traineeships, the benefits of them and how they help businesses grow. 

  • What Is The Cost Of An Apprentice?

Talk about how much an apprentice costs a business. Include any grants and funding included in hiring an apprentice. Talk about what you do to reduce the costs eg: find the right apprentice, the covering of transport costs, etc.