Lots of people have trouble with their feet, but they are ashamed to tell anyone, or even embarrassed. This means that they will turn to Google to ask questions about their feet. If your blog posts answer their questions, then it is likely that they will come to you for help. Your blog posts for chiropodists will help you become that ‘helpful friend’. They will feel like they can trust you and therefore come to you with their feet, without the fear of embarrassment.

So, what blog post ideas can you use as chiropodists? Firstly, think about some questions that you are asked. Every business has questions that they feel like they are answering on repeat. These are also the questions your target audience will be looking for online. By having the question as your blog post title, you can help attract more people to your business.

·         Is Athletes Foot Contagious?

This is a question a lot of people will be asking. It’s a good opportunity for you to talk about what it is, the cause of it and the cure. You can also include if it is contagious and how people can get rid of it or avoid it in the future. This can be used for things like verruca’s, blisters, corns and similar.

·         Do I Have A Wart Or A Verruca?

People are never sure what it is that is wrong with their feet. In this chiropodist blog post you can come across as that helpful friend. Explain what a verruca is and what a wart is. Help them understand which one they have and what they can do to get rid of it.

·         How Can I Stop Me Feet Smelling?

A blog post like this can include lots of tips, tricks and hacks to help people conquer their smelly feet. Talk about treats for the feet, tricks to stop shoes smelling and how to care for smelly feet too. Explain why smelly feet occur and the serious issues it could lead to.

Remember, in all your blog posts It’s about being that helpful friend that knows what they’re talking about. This will help avoid nervousness in visiting you and asking for your services. It will help build up trust too.

Need someone to write the blog post ideas for chiropodists for you? Contact our blog writing team in Peterborough. They’ll be only too happy to help.