Cat Cafes are hugely popular. You wouldn’t think they need a lot of advertising or marketing would you? After all, it’s a café, full of cats. What more do you need to know? As an owner of 3 cats myself, I’m a huge fan of cat cafes. However, if I can’t find your cat café on Google, how will I know about you? This is where blogging can help. It will boost the SEO of your website so you can be found on Google. The blog posts will also give you content to share in social media posts, newsletter and on flyers. So, here are our blog post ideas for cat cafes. You’re welcome to use them for free. But, if you need help writing the content for these blog post ideas for your cat café, we can write the blogs for you.

* Introduce The Cats

Why not have a pretend interview with the cats. Ask them about how old they are, how they ended up at the cat cafe, their name and their breed. Share what they like doing, such as lazing in the sun or playing with the balls, for example. Talk about their favourite place to relax and their favourite types of customers. This creates an engaging blog post that your readers and visitors to the cafe will love. Snippets can then be used across your social media presence too.

* What Is A Cat Cafe?

While it may sound crazy, some people still haven’t heard of a cat café or know how they work. We need to educate these people so they know what they are missing out on. Talk about how the cat café works, the cost, the length of time and the food or drinks available. If there are treats for sale, talk about these. Tell the reader how many cats they can expect to see and who is likely to visit them.

* Local Events

People will be happy to travel to a cat café, but why not tell them what else they can see during their visit to your local area. This could include local attractions and activities, shops, parks and more. Tag local businesses in these posts. This will support your local business community and encourage them to do the same for you. You could also share things to do during the various seasons of the year. This could include local festivals, fetes and events too.

Need help creating the content for these cat café blog post ideas? Call our blog content writing team now. We will be only too happy to help.