Do you run a campsite and are looking to boost your visitors during peak season? The cold winter months might not be your busy time, but that means now is the time to prepare for the busy times. Potential campers are fed up with the cold dark winter nights. They’re looking forward to warm summer nights camping with friends and family. Now is the time people book their camping holidays. You need to make sure they find your website to book with. This is possible with our blog post ideas for campsites.

There are loads of amazing campsites out there, just like yours. You need to make sure when potential customers search for campsites online, they find yours. This is only possible if you have a website online and it can be found on search engines, like Google. With regular and consistent blogs on your website, you can boost your SEO rankings. This is where our blog post ideas for campsites come in.

·         Local Events

Think about the events taking place in the local area. Maybe there is a summer fete, a car show, a historic show or a beer festival for example. These are all things that people will want to attend. BY sharing details of these events in your blog posts, you are promoting the local area. In turn, you will be promoting your campsite and giving people a reason to camp on your site. One blog post per local event could really help boost the SEO ranking of your website.

·         Camping Guides

If you would like to attract new campers to your campsite, then think about what they need to know. You could create a series of blog posts. This could include things you need to pack for camping. What you can expect from the campsite. How long it takes to put up a tent. The tools you need to put up a tent and more. These will all be really useful to potential campers for your site. In turn, you will become that ‘helpful friend’ for new campers.

·         Campsite Recipes

Camper’s love trying out new foods and recipes when camping. Why not share recipes of meals that campers can prepare on your site? If you allow BBQs, mention this and talk about meals that can be prepared on it. Does your campsite allow campfires? If so, share some recipes that are ideal for campfires.

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