Are you a business coach that understands the importance of blogging, yet when faced with a blank sheet of paper you don’t know where to start? We work with loads of businesses like this. We want to help make blogging for your business easy.

Below you will see a list of 5 blog post ideas for business coaches. These blog post ideas are completely free of charge and you can use them to create your own blog posts. However if you love the blog post ideas for business coaches, but don’t have the time, effort or inclination to write them then we can be your blog writers for you. Just give us a call!

  1. Who Are You Accountable To?

This blog post would explain what accountability means. You need to include how busy business owners are and that some things get left to the side. Talk about how accountability can work and the benefits of it.  This blog can then be rounded up with the accountability services / support that you offer.

2. Want Your Business To Be More Profitable?

Give tips and ideas of how your business can be more profitable. Then discuss the bits behind the scenes that need to be in place to make your business more profitable and then how you can help put these in place to ensure that your business is ready to grow and be more profitable.

3. What Is Your Customer Journey?

Talk about the importance of a structured customer journey. Look at different points where customers can come into your business or come across your brand. Explain what you need to consider for a customer journey, how the customer journey works and where it leads to.

4. Who Is My Ideal Client?

Talk about the benefits of creating an avatar and how the avatar works. Explain the importance of knowing your audience, who your ideal client is and where the can be found. Round up this blog post by explaining the benefits of knowing who the ideal customer is and how this will save the business money.

5. How Do I Create A Business Plan?

In this blog post talk about why a business plan is important, but include the fact that many business owners don’t have them, but it isn’t too late to create a business plan. Go on to discuss the benefits of a business plan and what can be done with it when it has been created. End the blog with the fact that a business plan is never finished, it needs to be revisited and improved upon.