Blogging is an essential part of SEO. It will help boost your online presence and brand awareness. It will also give you great quality content to share on social media, in newsletters and on flyers too. However, for some business owners, blogging is easier said than done. If you run a book shop, then this blog post is for you. We share some blog post ideas for book shops, just like yours.

  • Author Interviews

Talk to new authors or authors of newly published books. You don’t need to take up their time doing an interview if they are busy. However, you could send them a list of questions to answer. These questions and answers can then be turned into a blog post. This blog post will go on your website. It will promote the author and their book. However, it will also promote you as a seller of their book. This gives fans of the author or people that haven’t heard of the author a chance to find out about the author and the book. They can then order or collect the book from your book shop too.

  • Best Sellers

What are the best selling books in your book shop at the moment? These will make great blog post ideas for book shops. It could also be a series of blog posts. You can have best sellers of each month for example. However, you could also have best sellers of each genre. You could also have best sellers for special occasions. This could include best sellers for mothers day, fathers day, valentines day and Christmas for example. These individual blog posts could promote a selection of books. Within each blog post, a link to the book to buy it from your book shop could be included too.

  • Book Reviews

This is a great blog post idea for book stores. You could invite loyal customers to write book reviews for you, or this could be done by you or your team. The book reviews are a great way of promoting the books you have for sale. They will interest visitors to your website that have read similar books or books by the same author. These book reviews can be as honest as you like. You can include the storyline of the book, what the book is about, favourite characters and then a score out of ten. Why not say if you enjoyed ‘named book’ then you will certainly enjoy this book. An internal link can then go through to details of the ‘named book’ and how to buy it.

These are just three examples of some blog post ideas for book shops. If you would like any more blog post ideas, or need help creating these blog posts, call us. We offer blog brainstorming sessions and blog writing services in Cambridgeshire.