We know that we are lucky in the fact that blogging comes naturally to us. It seems to be our hidden talent and superpower. It’s certainly a useful skill to have as a copywriter in Peterborough. Some business owners are great at blogging too, but they don’t have the ideas. They sit down to write a blog post and are stumped. The blank screen and flashing curser is just mocking them.

Every now and again we share a blog post with blog post ideas for an industry. This time we are sharing blog post ideas for a personal coach. These ideas can be used by any personal coach because everyone is different. The way you approach our blog post ideas will be different to another personal coach.

If you know someone in this industry, please share these blog post ideas for a personal coach with them. I promise you, they will love you for it!

  1. The Benefits of Being Assertive

Talk about assertiveness coaching can help people improve their communication at home and work. Explain what assertiveness means and how it can be improved. Share some examples of good and bad assertiveness. Maybe include some assertiveness tips too, to help the reader and become that ‘trusted friend’.

  • What is Enlightenment?

In this blog post talk about the fact that enlightenment is a common term in the world of personal coaching, but what does it actually mean? Explain the term enlightenment, the importance of being enlightened and how you / a coach can help with enlightenment.

  • Why Use A Personal Coach For Goal Setting?

Use this blog post to talk about the fact that everyone can set their own goals. Talk about SMART goals and how to create the right goals. Then share the benefits of using a personal coach to help you set goals, but also to keep you in check.

If you need more blog post ideas, or you would like us to create blog posts for you, let us know. These are 2 of the high quality services we offer.