If you are looking to attract new residents or their families to your care home, then you need to come across as that trusted friend. This needs to be shown across your website and on Google. Families may not always live locally to the older person. You need to make sure you can be found on Google as a care home they want for their loved one in your local area. This can be done through blog posts. Here we have put together some blog post ideas for a care home.

As a care home for the elderly, you are welcome to use these blog post ideas for free. If you don’t have the time or experience, then we can write the blog posts for you. Do you know a local care home that are struggling to attract residents or their families? Feel free to share this blog post with them.

  • Interviews

Why not have interviews with the team and their residents? You could talk to individual employees and get them to share their experience. Ask them what they love about their job and the fun things residents get up to. You can interview the residents too. Ask how long they have lived there and what they love about it. Talk about their past too and their friendships in the home. These things will all show the people behind the care home, which is what will attract new residents.

  • Special Occasions

Think about all the special occasions you celebrate in the home. Talk about how you celebrate them and what you do. If you can share photos, this will really help build trust with loved one’s families too. It could be birthdays and Christmas celebrations for example. Maybe the coronation, a big football match or Eurovision. Talk about how the home celebrated and share some feedback from those present too.

  • Helpful Blogs

Loved ones with older relatives can sometimes face struggles. Why not create blog posts for your care home that will help the families of your residents. This could include how to stay in contact with a family member in a care home, for example. You could also include how to manage the move into a care home. Perhaps you could share guides on how to communicate with a loved one that has dementia, is deaf or similar. Think about the challenges the loved ones of your resident’s face. What helpful blogs would they like to read?

These are just some of the many blog post ideas for a care home that you could use. If you would like any more or need help writing blog posts, call our team. Our content writers have experience with care homes and will happily help portray your care home in the best way possible.