Each month we share blog post ideas for free. This helps you come up with blog post ideas for your own business. While we share blog post ideas for a brain tumour charity on this blog post, you may find these ideas get your creative juices flowing for your own blog posts.

If you know someone that works for our volunteers for a charity like this, please share these blog post ideas for a brain tumour charity with them. No two blog posts will be the same as each charity will have their own take on the blog post idea and their own wording for the blog post.

Here are our blog post ideas for a brain tumour charity;

  • What Is A Brain Tumour?

In this blog post talk about what a brain tumour is, the signs or symptoms and how it affects the person suffering with a brain tumour. This should be a light but informative blog post to give the reader an overview.

  • What Does Our Charity Do?

Talk about what the charity does for those with brain tumours and their families. List the services you offer and the support you provide. If possible share some testimonials from those that have been supported by your charity and how you helped them.

  • Why A Business Should Support Your Charity?

Start this blog post talking about what your charity is and does. Move on to discuss the ways in which a business could support your charity. This could include money, time, sponsored runs, event, etc. Finally talk about what you do for the business to thank them for their support. This could include a supporters badge, thanks on social media, a blog, etc.

These are just three blog post ideas for a brain tumour charity that you can use for free. If you would like more ideas please contact us directly. If you find time is not on your side and you would like someone to write the blog posts for you – we can help with that too!