Here at Creative Content Company, one thing we say a lot is that ‘people buy people’. Consumers can buy the product or service you sell from anyone. Why should they buy it from you? Very often, it is the person behind the business, or the business itself. The one thing that your competition can never take from you, is ‘you’. So, make the most of the fact your business has you. One way of doing this is with these blog ideas to get to know your business better.

  • Past Experiences And Business Growth

Share your business journey. This can be done by talking about how far you have come and what the business have achieved. Create blog posts about the new office, a new member of the team or challenges that you have overcome for example. These are great blog ideas that will help your target audience get to know your business better.

  • What Makes You Different?

This could be one blog post of bullet points with all the things that makes your business different from the competition. It could include how you stand out and why this a good thing. You could also have a series of blog posts where you expand on the bullet points. These should then link back to your original blog post.

  • Case Studies That Show You

When a client or customer thanks you for your service or product and their words are personal to you, or your business, turn it into a case study. Case studies are great blog ideas for your target audience getting to know your business better. You start with the problem the client faces, what you do and how you do it, then what the client had to say at the end. This part is their testimonial. Once again, this type of blog post tells potential clients why you are different to the competition and why they should purchase from your business.

Give these blog post ideas a go and see how you get on. If you struggle writing blogs yourself, use our copy writers in Peterborough. We can create the perfect blog post for your business that will be personal to your brand.