If you’ve met us you’ll know that we are very proud of our award collection. We have been lucky enough to receive 16 business awards in 6 years. However, if you have read the blog post about our most important business award, you may feel the real number is 15 business awards in 6 years.

However, we were lucky enough t o win another award just last week. This was the Best 60 Second Award Winners. We recently became BNI members for the Copywriting sector. Each week at this event you get a chance to promote your business in a 60 second pitch. Each week a Best 60 second award winner is chosen. Last week I was thrilled that this winner was me.

So, what was the pitch I hear you ask?

I started by saying I was Hazel from the Creative Content Company and the three mains services we offer a business. I then shared a great top tip with the room to help them stay active on social media. This was with the help of the Christmas elf. I bought him along as a prop on the day to grab people’s attention in the room.

I explained how the elf could be used around the office and as you complete daily work tasks. This gives a chance for your audience to see and learn more about you and your business in a fun way.

However, in front of me throughout my 60 seconds was an award I had won the night before. The Peterborough PR and Media award for Community Contribution. Just as I went to sit down (pretended) I asked with shock “Oh, what’s this?” I picked up the award and said “Oh, that’s right. It’s the PR and Media award we won last night!” – and then I sat down.

I strongly believe that your 60 second pitch is a chance to promote your business, service or product – but it is also a chance to promote you. As I keep saying, people buy people. They can get your offering from anywhere; give them a reason to want it from you!

If you ever want to come along and see my ‘award winning’ 60 second presentation for just £10, give me a shout. You’d always be welcome as my guest.