Having an e-newsletter as part of your marketing campaign is a great idea and when you use a platform like mailchimp or contact, it is also a relatively low cost marketing tool that can offer a wide array of benefits to your business.

However, if you get a team like the team here at Creative Content Company to create and manage your newsletter – suddenly it is an extremely cost effective part of your marketing campaign and the following benefits can easily be claimed by your business.

  1. A business newsletter can enhance the reputation of your business which will, in turn, increase your lead generation and subsequent sales
  2. A professional newsletter for your business can help keep customers with your business for longer while increasing their lifetime value with you.
  3. A newsletter works as a cost-effective communication channel for you to stay in touch with past and existing clients, networking contacts and potential clients.
  4. A company newsletter can help support your marketing campaign and actually leverage your marketing efforts.
  5. Through tools like Mailchimp you can easily and instantly track the results of your company newsletter and even track when it is seen and opened by the recipient.
  6. An e-newsletter for your business gives your potential clients an easy way to immediately engage and interact with your business and brand.
  7. Your business e-newsletter gives your business the opportunity to gain a higher response rate as it is being delivered directly to the reader; unlike you business social media account when a post may or may not be seen.
  8. Business newsletters can cost a lot of money due to printing and posting costs, not to mention layout and design; with an e-newsletter for your business you can save much more money and time.
  9. With business e-newsletters you can see what the reader clicks on and opens so you can see what works and what doesn’t work almost instantly allowing you to make changes for future newsletter campaigns.
  10. A newsletter allows you to stay at the forefront of a contacts mind; no matter when you met them you still have their contact details and you can remind them on a regular basis that you are still hear and what you can offer them.

If you would like to know more about e-newsletters for your business then do not hesitate to contact us; we would be only too happy to help and can answer any queries that you may have.