We have all seen the media talk about Caroline Flack. It’s a shocking situation and such a young life lost. But every day people are committing suicide. There just seems to be a lack of kindness in the world. Here at Creative Content Company we see the horrible things that are said to and about people on social media all the time. So, we decided to have our own take on the #BeKind campaign.

This is something we have seen started by lots of B2C businesses, such as hairdressers for example. They are removing the trashy magazines from the salons and replacing them with mindfulness boxes, good stories and nice ‘stuff’ instead.

While we try to be good people and say nice things to others, just like everyone else, we lapse too. We want to reduce this unkind behaviour as a rule, but I just felt that as a business we could do more.

So here is how Creative Content Company is running their #BeKind campaign.

We will be sending nice ‘things’ to people. This isn’t like the gifts we send to clients to thank them for their loyalty. Instead we will be sending kind messages to people via the post. Some of these people will be our clients, others will be fellow networking buddies or people we see are struggling and are open and honest about this online.

We will also be sharing some feel good stories. Just things that have happened to us, things we have seen or heard about. Things that made us feel warm inside and positive about the world we are in and the community we live in.

Personally, if I am a happier person, I am a kinder person. This is why we will be sharing happy stories. It’s not about one person or business being kind; it is about us all being kind. If we can make you kind by cheering you up, then that’s a win for us.

The #BeKind campaign isn’t a business related thing really. But it’s just a kind thing to do. It helps others in our community and hopefully creates a better community for everyone in it.

Could you create a #BeKind campaign for your business, or even just for you?