When it comes to content writing and blogging it can be hard to come up with ideas of things you can write about. So you will see you have ‘Write a Blog Post’ or ‘Create that guest blog’ on your to-do list but you’ll struggle to do them as you’ll have a lack of ideas or inspiration.

That’s why you need to stay in ‘research mode’ at all times, when you are searching the internet to see what your competitors are doing or the prices they are selling products for pop on their blog and see what they’re blogging about – the write down any topics or titles that you can work on at a later date.

When you’re out networking note down the questions you are asked – there are real questions from real people and often can be turned into blog posts as they are usually searched for on Google too. You can become that ‘trusted friend’ by being able to answer these questions before the competition.

Take time out to go for a coffee, but make sure you leave the office and make sure you take your notepad with you. You’ll come up with lots of great blogging ideas without really thinking about it. Sometimes when you are outside your business you can come up with great ideas as an ‘outsider’.

When you are looking at hits to your website, have a look at how many people have read your previous blog posts, or how many shares previous blog posts have had and write more blog posts on these topics.

While you’re driving in the car listen to the radio, watch the news at home or read the newspaper – you can get so many ideas from what is currently in the news. When you see an idea or an article to write about just write it down in your notebook and touch on it when you get round to writing the blog posts or guest posts.

My biggest tip for staying in research mode at all times is to make sure you always have your notepad and pen handy, at all times!