Previously on Linkedin you could be personal with LinkedIn messages. You could send a message to someone that had requested to connect with you. This was ideal as it really helped me weed out the people that were just going to sell at me, and find out nothing about me.

However Linkedin has changed and it is no longer possible to send this message and be personal with LinkedIn messages . This means you are left to guess if the person asking to connect with you is worth connecting with or not.

Here at Creative Content Company we work on a lot of white label services with web designers. If I see a connection request from a web designer or web design company, I presume they have seen our offering and would like to find out more about working with us.

However, within minutes of accepting the connection request I get a message like this;

“Hi Hazel, Hope you doing well. Are you looking for white label website design, development, Mobile Apps & SEO services at $25/hour? We are the leading mobile digital agency offering integrated, dynamic and streamlined website design & development solution to businesses worldwide. We have established a reputation for consistently delivering critical and technically challenging projects under given timelines, while also providing exceptional customer service and support to our clients. How we are different? 1) 92% client retention for IT clients & deliver projects on time as promised. 2) 300+ clients served worldwide 3) We offer flexible engagement models for our clients 4) 10 Years + of Experience Please check our sample websites :- (taken out by me) If this sounds like it could help your company, then we should jump on the quick phone call together to show you how we will help you in increasing your business profit margin. What day would you like to speak this week? Let me know your thoughts. Thanks, Kevin”

They have not taken any opportunity to ask about me, my day or what I do. Instead they have gone straight in for the kill.

If this was just one message I wouldn’t mind so much. But I am getting 10-20 connection requests a week and around half are resulting in a message like this.

Relationship building is so important. You need to be personal with Linkedin messages. If you want to connect with people on Linkedin tell them why. Find out a bit about them, make them feel special and valued. Chances are this technique will work a lot better than a straight sales message thrown straight in someone’s face.

You wouldn’t do it in a real networking event, so why do it online?

If you need help to be personal with LinkedIn messages then contact us now. Our social media training can help you bring personality to your social media presence.