I am always a huge advocate of treating others how you want to be treated yourself. However, this isn’t the case for everyone. 

Many, many years ago I was a waitress in a restaurant. A male customer was dining with his family and he was incredibly rude to me throughout his meal. At the end of the meal desserts were ordered He ordered a sundae. I bought out everyone’s desserts and then gave him his. I smiled sweetly as I gave him his dessert and I said “I hope you enjoy it, I made it all be myself, especially for you!”

I had done nothing to the dessert. I had made it just as I had the rest of the table. However that dessert was not touched. He knew that he had spoken to me rudely and therefore he knew I may have done something to his dessert. 

A similar thing happened last week. I was asked to be a judge at the Small Business Awards Peterborough in various awards categories. I was the overall winner last year and the winner of Small Service Business and Inspirational Business Owner, so I was the Head Judge for those 2 award categories too.

Recently some business owners that have entered the awards have been ‘rude’ for what of better words. In some cases they are keyboard warriors being nasty via private messages. In other cases they have acted unprofessionally.

While these business owners will be judged fairly and on their own merit and what they say in the interviews… it will be like the ice cream sundae. Me being there will be enough to say all that doesn’t need to be said.

This is why, especially in business and the business community, you need to treat others how you want to be treated yourself.