I have just got back from a lovely holiday in Greece and as much as I had a wonderful time, I want to make sure I banish those holiday blues before they appear!

I worked flat out before I went on holiday to get all my clients work done so they had everything they needed before I left the office for a week in the sun and now I am back I have a relatively free diary for October as I doubled my workload in the first week of the month.

I need you to help me banish those holiday blues by keeping me super busy so I don’t even have time to think about the yucky weather outside and the lack of cocktails in my hand while laying back on the sun bed by the pool.

I would like to offer a special offer to those of you kind enough to help me banish those holiday blues; I will offer one blog post to everyone for just £25; instead of the price on our website which is £40 for a one-off blog post.

All you need to do is email and say you’d like to help me banish my holiday blues by booking a blog post, you can then give me a topic or keyword you’d like me to use, or just let me create my own idea for your blog post and then I will get started.

You’ll then be invoiced for the blog post on Tuesday 31st October and payment will be required with 14 days; by the 14th of November.

Orders for blog posts must be placed by Friday 27th October to ensure you will receive them by the end of the month; this offer is not for brand new customers only and if you have already placed an order with us before this date the offer will only count for an additional blog post to your order.

Each blog post will be charged at £25 with no VAT charged; it will be 300-500 words in length and be SEO friendly and engaging. It will be sent to you as a word document and you will be able to copy and paste it onto your own website or social media platform. This blog post will belong to you and can be used how you feel best.

So, what are you waiting for – help me banish those holiday blues!