I am thrilled to confirm that I have been awarded Unsung Hero for the second year in a row; I can’t tell you how great it feels to have been nominated for this ward again, let alone to have won it for the second year in a row. I’m not sure how long you can be ‘Unsung’ for though, especially after winning an award twice?

The award was through DevelopHER and I was actually nominated for three awards; The Inspiration Award, Mentor Award and Unsung Hero Award. I was then shortlisted for two awards; The Inspiration Award and the Unsung Hero Award, which then got me invited to the Awards Ceremony in Ipswich at the Town Hall, which is a stunning building and made the event a real privilege to attend.

In the awards book I was able to find out for the first time why I had been shortlisted for the awards, and these were the reasons;

Inspiration Award

Hazel is an inspiration to those around her. She works really hard at inspiring others. Going into prison to give inspiring talks about how she made a life for herself and inspiring others to take charge of their lives. She has amazing energy and a warm and approachable style and is happy to share her story in the hope it will spur others on to follow their dreams.

Unsung Hero

Hazel has been inspirational in supporting residents at HMP Peterborough. She comes in on a weekly basis to support the business development course and passing her knowledge of setting up a business as well as being a guest speaker on our achievement day for residents. Hazel also organises other guest speakers to come in.

Both explanations are amazing and I am flattered to have been recognised for these awards, it really is an honour. At the end of the evening I walked away as the winner of the Unsung Hero Award for the second year and could not have been happier – thanks to all those who nominated me and a special thanks to Vikki for organising the event along with Sean Clarke of Clark St James and Justin Bowser of HTK for judging the Unsung Hero Award and selecting me as worthy of this award.