Did you know that August is National Wellness Month? We see and hear a lot in the media about the importance of being healthy, wellbeing and wellness. But what does wellness actually mean? Having had a quick Google, I am told that wellness means practicing healthy habits on a daily basis. These daily healthy habits will help you towards better physical and mental health. Instead of surviving, you are thriving.

So, what does wellness mean to you? Are you already practicing wellness in your life? Or could you use National Wellness Month to put some wellness goals and activities in your everyday life?

Wellness wise, perhaps I don’t quite meet the requirements of Google. I don’t practice wellness every day. However, I do have weekly goals that are focused on mental and physical health. For example, 5 days of out 7 I will go for a 1-mile walk. This is my chance to get some exercise, fresh air and just clear my mind.

In addition, 2-3 times a week I will attend an online Jazzercise class. It’s £20 a month and you can attend up to 17 classes a week. I’ve been sticking at the 2-3 a week, which doesn’t sound quite as impressive now.

I also ensure that, if I’m not away, I attend netball at least once a week. I could attend 4 times a week, but I need to set myself achievable targets. If I set myself challenges of 4 netball sessions a week, a walk every day and Jazzercise every day, I don’t enjoy it any more. It will help my physical health, but my mental health will begin to suffer.

When it comes to food, I struggle!!! I definitely snack a lot which isn’t great. However, I do try and swap for healthy snacks such as grapes and strawberries. I aim for 3 fruit and veg a day. This is an achievable goal for me.

I guess National Wellness Month is different for different people. You can choose what wellness means to you and how you approach good wellness for you. I just wanted to share my ways. You might find from these that you are already hitting your wellness goals? I think focusing on my wellness helps the wellness of my business. What are your thoughts?